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'Beauty and the Beast': What Comes Next? Can you just imagine it? The butterflies, the excitement, the 'It's finally here!' moment. That was how Disney fans who awaited the long-anticipated, live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' film felt this past weekend…read more 13:00 03/28/2017 Camille Smith
Disney sued over 'Zootopia' film by the 'Total Recall' screenwriter Disney has received a lawsuit over its blockbuster movie 'Zootopia'. The giant media house is being accused by the Total Recall screenwriter of having stolen his original idea to use in its Oscar-winning film…read more 12:20 03/27/2017 Ebbie
Penelope Cruz Cast as Donatella Versace in 'American Crime Story' According to 'Esquire' magazine, this woman has been named the sexiest woman alive in 2014 and when you are producing a TV series, and you need a queen, well it is pretty obvious that you will choose someone like Penelope Cruz…read more 11:44 03/23/2017 Jelena Mili?
It's a wonder baby girl The 31-year-old wonder woman has recently given birth to a second wonder girl! Any guesses as to who am I talking about? It is none other than the famous wonder woman; Gal Gadot…read more 15:48 03/22/2017 kogalo nyamo
Warner Bros to make a follow-up of 'The Matrix' Ever since the Hollywood Reporter disclosed a week ago that Warner Bros is embarking on a follow-up to the 'Matrix', the media has been awash with all manner of details about the new film…read more 12:44 03/22/2017 Ebbie
Ridley Scott's Plans For Another 'Gladiator' Adventure Anything seems possible in Hollywood these days, and Ridley Scott is about to pull another one of those unusual stunts through his supposed plan to rejuvenate the 2000 Award winning movie, 'Gladiator'…read more 12:16 03/17/2017
James Bond 25 without Daniel Craig as the Bond James Bond, one of the most loved Acton movie series of all time is once again in the news and this time not for the story or the action sequences. Recently, there are many speculations about the new edition of series James Bond 25 and the main lead Danie…read more 12:39 03/17/2017 Royce B. Jensen
CBS OKs 'The Big Bang Theory' Prequel Bazinga! Are you ready to see more of Sheldon Cooper? This time, however, in his younger, formative years. Well, wait and worry no more. CBS has officially green-lighted 'Young Sheldon'…read more 14:31 03/15/2017 Santiago Ben
Aladdin is coming back! While Walt Dinsey's fairytales have achieved great success the world over, the live-action remakes of animated classics have not soared to similar heights…read more 17:49 03/14/2017 Okello Onyango
Everything You Need to Know About Wonder Woman Final Trailer Finest Bang! 'Wonder Woman' Final Trailer is Out. In this fresh Justice League superhero film, Director Patty Jenkins will be taking us through the origin story of Diana, Princess of the Amazon and her superhero story…read more 09:22 03/14/2017 Okello Onyango
Game of Thrones Season Seven Cast, Release Date and What to expect News about the premier of Season 7 of the fascinating series 'Game of Thrones' has been withheld from the public ears with the observers only knowing that as is normal, they would have to wait until after April which is the traditional release time for th…read more 14:05 03/13/2017 davies macharia
Why Eva Mendes Doesn't Walk the Red Carpets It’s a fact the Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling is one of the most low-key couples in the Hollywood. The couple never let their love known on the red carpet…read more 14:42 03/09/2017 Moryne Akech