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"Game of Thrones" is here to amuse us The Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series of the day. It ranks 4th among all the TV series in IMDB varying across different …read more 08:19 07/21/2017 valerie awuor
Ladies' Beauty Tips From Hollywood Stars and Celebrities Hello there, welcome to another blog post, today we’re going a little sexist, this article is totally for the ladies, and like you’ve seen in the title, it’s about how to pull off that gorgeous and stunning look you’ve always wished for…read more 10:07 07/19/2017
Five massively succesfull TV series from Hollywood read more 12:56 07/11/2017
My Favorite Top 10 Movie Comedy Scenes There were so many incredibly funny scenes and I think I would be remiss if I at least did not mention that made me laugh even more in my life.…read more 09:05 07/06/2017
HBO set to release Game of Thrones season 7 A new season of 'GO Thrones' is soon coming to your TV screen. HBO will be airing their latest fantasy drama series early this July.…read more 10:20 07/04/2017 Lind1988
The Down Low with the World's Sexiest Voluptuous, vivacious vixen. This is how we can describe Scarlett Johansson. Hailed the sexiest on a man’s magazine, fashion magazine, and a prestigious lifestyle magazine, with over 900 million followers on social media, she is one of the celebrities to …read more 10:00 06/22/2017 Cele2017
Olaf's Frozen Adventure: Disneys First Animated Comic Trailer Walt Disney just released a new trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a 21 minutes featurette expected to be shown before Coco in November 2017.…read more 09:48 06/15/2017 Khamala Omwendo
Upcoming Movies That Actually Look Great It is the movie season again. Great pictures are coming to a cinema near you that will keep you glued to your screen. These movies will take you to places that you have never been, broaden your perspective and open your eyes to amazing new wonders while k…read more 11:00 06/10/2017 Mark Oyia
George and Amal Clooney Welcomed Their Twins It is now official; George and Amal Clooney have joined the league of celebrities who have twins. These are their first kids and the two are excited about it…read more 12:00 06/08/2017 Santiago Ben
How Johnny Depp spends all of his money? Johnny Depp is a renowned name in Hollywood, who has been a part of numerous movies. He has been really famous for his several characters and super hit movies…read more 14:01 05/29/2017 Jason Derulo
'Rough Night': The Wedding Party is Here 'Rough Night' is due to hit the cinemas on June 16th. Released by Sony Pictures, from the makers of 'Broad City', the movie tells the tale of 5 college girlfriends who reunite in Miami for a bachelorette party…read more 10:12 05/24/2017 Barrack Duru
Does 'Star Wars 9' Begin Shooting This Summer? Along with the most controversial issues in the field of media and entertainment at this date and time, is the breakthrough of the most waited and wanted movie episode of Star Wars…read more 16:27 04/11/2017 Tyson Williams