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  • The voices behind your favorite Animated characters

    Animation has become quite popular in the recent years in the film and entertainment industry, and one question that rings in the back of viewers mind is whose voice is that? and therefore I have decided to give you a chronological breakdown of popular actors who voiced various animated films. 1.Angelina Jolie The famous actress now […] More

  • “White Boy Rick”. Just how true is the Hollywood film?

    The film tells the story of Rick WersheJr, Wershe at the tender age of 14 became the least experienced operative in the FBI. It has been getting mixed reviews since opening in cinemas. Directed by Frenchman Yann Demange who’s extensive knowledge of the Detroit legal prejudice to the African-Americans is clear to see throughout the […] More

  • Four Major Hints the Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Promo Has Given Us

    The “Grey’s Anatomy” season 15 premier promo has just been released, and my oh my is it a good one! The new promo has made us hungry for more and we can’t wait for the two hour special to grace our television/computer/phone/whatever screen we prefer to use. There’s a lot of questions to be answered, […] More

  • 5 Great Movies You Cannot Avoid Watching On Netflix in September 2018

    For movie lovers, September 2018 is going to be a month they may not forget in the rest of their lives. Probably, there may not be a month in the history of Netflix, which is awaited eagerly by the film lovers. It is difficult to select the best 5 movies coming to Netflix in September […] More

  • The Crumble of the House of Cards

    After all the problematic events occurred with the actor and protagonist of the multiple award-winning series “House of Cards”, Kevin Spacey; the show was suspended indefinitely and the performer got fired. Season 5 finished with Spacey’s character (Frank Underwood) stepping down from the presidency and his wife and Vice President Claire Underwood assumed the highest […] More

  • “Christopher Robin” (2018): a Children’s Movie for All Generations

    Partially animated and partially live-action “Winnie the Pooh” sequel tells the story of the adult Christopher Robin (starring Ewan McGregor) who had long forgotten Winnie the Pooh, his old friend. Now a family man with a job and his struggles to tackle, Christopher Robin will once again encounter the stuffed bear, who turns to him […] More

  • What’s Next for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Nine

    Season Nine of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” arrives October 7, with a new showrunner, a new premise, and a new leading cast. Is this the end of the show or just the beginning of a new era? With Angela Kang being promoted to executive producer, she plans to take the show in unseen directions, to […] More

  • All you need to know about new Tom Cruises’ film – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

    “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” is a 2018 coming US action-spy cinema. The script was written by movie director Christopher McQuarrie. It is a sequel of the previous film in the “Mission: Impossible” film series – “Rogue Nation”. Also, it will be the second film directed by McQuarrie (first was Rogue Nation), making him the first […] More

  • Ripple Effect Vigilante Justice the Equalizer 2 Review

    The “Equalizer 2”, out Friday, July 20, 2018, follows the 2014 thriller “The Equalizer”. Denzel Washington returns in his iconic role as retired CIA Black Ops operative turned vigilante, Robert McCall. The “Equalizer 2” finds McCall working as a for-hire Lyft driver. McCall spends his days watching out for his vulnerable clients, the elderly, to […] More

  • Summer vacation as the true “monster-piece”

    Did you know that “Hotel Transylvania 3” is the first in the series where the main antagonist is not the monster? Actually, it is featuring a human who has a strong dislike for the monsters.Director Genndy Tartakovsky has done it again. It is a 10/10 movie that has the strong anti-prejudice message. It is well […] More

  • Marvel Comic’s 2018 Superhero Release.

    One of the latest Superhero Films released by Marvel Comics in the summer of 2018 is “Ant-Man and the Wasp”. I was created at Marvel Studios and marketed by Walt Disney. It is the second film in the series of “Ant-Man” films and a part of a score of films produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe. […] More

  • Netflix Movie Binge Marathon

    Netflix gives us the opportunity to watch several series, movies online without any stress. It doesn’t matter if you want new or old ones. You pay sure a fee for joining their club, but the quality and fast streaming makes it a good payout. There is no human who doesn’t know for Netflix, as they hit […] More

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