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Amazon Announces Possible "Lord Of The Rings" Reunion! Imagine all of your "Lord Of The Rings" (LOTR) characters brought back to life on the small screen- now wouldn’t that be a sign for sore eyes! …read more 10:02 01/05/2018 aganedd
Meryl Streep talks Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment Meryl Streep was very surprised when she got the news. Having worked with the man for a long time, the situation made her examine her inner self deeply as she was totally clueless…read more 10:02 01/05/2018 malaath
Actors that went above and beyond for an impeccable role Hollywood is known for its glitter and fabulous environment, which leads us all to presume that the job of an actor is an easy-peasy, effortless one…read more 10:12 01/03/2018 malaath
Five Best Christmas Movies You Must Watch Are you in a dilemma on which movies to watch this Christmas season? If your answer is yes, hold on and relax. Why movies over the Christmas? …read more 08:48 12/24/2017
“The Nutcracker and the four Realms” trailer is a must watch! "The Nutcracker and the four Realms" is a live adaption of the “Nutcracker ballet” an original fairy tale…read more 10:23 12/21/2017 jonahm
Rumors About The Relationship Between Brad Pitt And Jennifer Lawrence Tabloids and magazines continue to feature Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence on their covers for their supposed budding relationship…read more 10:10 12/15/2017
An American Princess in London Megan Markle is set to become the first American English Princess. She is currently engaged to Prince Harry, once England’s most eligible bachelor…read more 14:20 11/23/2017 Afandi2016
Reese Witherspoon's on again off again fling with romantic comedies With Hollywood’s charm and power winding down lately for a variety of reasons, there seem to be fewer genuine movie stars out there than any other time within the last hundred years…read more 13:00 12/07/2017 craiglarson68
Amazon Signed a Gargantuan Deal to Bring "Lord of the Rings" Back to Life Amazon Studios has apparently signed a gargantuan deal and bagged the international Television rights to launch J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy series "The Lord of the Rings" TV show…read more 14:20 11/23/2017 Thingfour
It's time for Batman to say THANKS !! It's time for Batman to say THANKS !!…read more 09:56 11/16/2017 AADARSH89
Ten Great Movies Coming To Netflix in November netflix,november,new movies…read more 11:00 10/31/2017 aganedd