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'Doctor Strange' and the Red Carpet Premiere18:21 Oct 21 2016
Marvel has marveled us with great story lines and plots filled with spunky, witty, humorous and intelligent characters from the comics such as the 'Avengers' and 'Deadpool'. With Stan Lee’s great mind behind it all, I don’t think anyone in this world has …read more
Michael Moore journeys through the “Trumpland” is all of us18:00 Oct 19 2016
With the Election Day fast approaching, both Republican and Democrat candidates’ supporters are on fire in campaigning for them. It is a crucial time for all because whoever gets the spot will be the most powerful person in the face of the United States o…read more
What is so menacing and dark about the Jurassic World 2?11:23 Oct 19 2016
You will have to wait until June 2018 to get the vivid details of the 'Jurassic World 2'. Unconventionally, it will make its first debut in the UK on 2nd June 2018, two weeks before premiering in the US…read more
A Consolation prize for all 'Potterheads'11:00 Oct 18 2016
For every 'Potterhead' out there, although the prospect of a straight-up Harry Potter movie may not be a near time reality yet, be consoled because if this announcement is anything to go by, Warner Bros. is fully prepared to keep us glued to the wizarding…read more
Latest Rogue One trailer gives more insight into the standalone Star Wars film15:00 Oct 17 2016
The latest 'Stars Wars: Rogue One' trailer gives much more hints on what to expect in the upcoming movie than the spoilers preceding it. Disney released the trailer Thursday and from the reactions observed online, it seems that many people are pleased wit…read more
'The Great Wall' an American-Chinese epic movie14:00 Oct 16 2016
Just by looking at the cover presented for the movie, you get yourself ready for an epic history movie that will create a thrill in the movie industry. The imagery of the wording that comes with this upcoming action adventure monster film will let you kno…read more
Olivier Assayas introduce as a 'Personal Shopper'20:00 Oct 12 2016
Olivier Assayas, a Parisian movie director, famous for his movie 'From Paris, with Love' (2015), which is actually a wok of art - chose once again Kristen Stewart for the leading role in his new masterpiece.…read more
What to anticipate on the Israelite's directed reboot of 'Power Rangers' 2017 series15:00 Oct 12 2016
It is now official that the 'Power Rangers’ series is bound to hit the screen early next year. This is after the official trailer of this action-packed superhero movie was recently released by Lionsgate .…read more

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An Overview of HBO's new sci-fi series 'Westworld'13:22 Oct 06 2016
No more delays or waiting, HBO's newly anticipated movie 'Westworld' has finally aired its debut episode. For the science-fiction lovers, this blockbuster film confronts every viewer with hard fascinating philosophical questions about how to be 'human'.…read more
'Walking dead' new season13:21 Oct 05 2016
A lot has happened in the two-hour finale season of fear the 'Walking dead'. If you are like me who loves such movies and want to see every bit of it, you want to read these review.…read more
An Overview of New TV Series' The Crown'13:07 Sep 30 2016
Netflix, the streaming platform, has made public the official trailer for 'The Crown'. With a production budget of roughly $130 million, it is the most expensive TV series ever made.…read more
Is there another sequel of the 'Sex and The City' expected soon?15:39 Sep 27 2016
There is great anticipation that the 'Sex and The City’ sequel would be making a comeback for its third season (which can either be a movie or series) on HBO.…read more
'Big Bang' cast top list of TVs highest-earning actors 201617:00 Sep 26 2016
Forbes has just published the latest who’s-who list of TV’s highest-paid actors of 2016 and perhaps unsurprisingly, the uber-popular 'The Big Bang Theory’s' Jim Parsons - Sheldon in the hit series -tops the charts of the richest TV stars in the world …read more
10 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Spoilers revealed18:00 Sep 24 2016
'Grey's Anatomy' season 13 has finally returned and this simply means that all fans can now have something to be happy about, after the long slow torturous month of waiting. …read more
After Going To hell and back 'Once upon a time' returns home for season 613:00 Sep 25 2016
Season 6 of the hugely popular ABC fantasy-drama 'Once upon a Time’ returns to our screens on 25th September for explosive storylines, set to unfold in the series’ hometown of Storybrooke.…read more
13 Random and interesting facts about Emmy award winner Rami Malek16:00 Sep 20 2016
With Emmy’s last week, Rami Malek made international headlines as the first non-white to win the best actor in drama since the year 1998. The charming Egyptian actor was before this famous for his role as 'Mr. Robot', a leading role for a series on US…read more

Latest Actor News

10 Actresses who have restored your faith in hotness14:20 Oct 21 2016
Ok this might take a while but let's just get started. The top hottest actresses in the world. Making a list of such a thing is a herculean task. There are just so many of these beauties out there that the list will not stop at ten. Anyhow, this is the li…read more
Emma Stone Gives the Perfect Lip-Syncing Of Britney Spears Impression at Vogue's Franchise Video14:20 Oct 19 2016
During the Vogue’s interview on '73 Questions', Emma Stone amazed us on how she flawlessly impersonated Britney Spears’ impression. The interview which was conducted in her L.A apartment clearly tells us how this Oscar-nominated actress is utterly charmin…read more
The Curious Case of Taraji P. Henson's Pay Check - Actress reveals pay gap18:00 Oct 14 2016
Many of you will recognize Taraji P. Henson from the popular musical TV series 'Empire'. In the TV series, she plays Cookie, the tough and street smart wife of Lucious Lyon, a ruthless hip-hop record label mogul. …read more
Sofia Vergara-Joe Manganiello are getting divorce?10:47 Oct 14 2016
The word on the street around entertainment is that Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are getting divorced. …read more
Fun facts about Marion Cotillard12:44 Oct 13 2016
Marion Cotillard is the most successful French actress, an environmentalist a songwriter as well as a singer. Here we will look briefly into the life of the actress and also some of the most interesting fun facts.…read more
24 Year-old Leila George added to the list of Sean Penn's starlet girlfriends13:00 Oct 08 2016
Sean Penn, an Oscar-award winning actor known for his presence in 'Milk' and 'Mystic River' has been dating a 56-year old Greta Scacchi. Oh, wait, CORRECTION! The Oscar award-winning actor has just started dating Greta Scacchi’s daughter!…read more
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are Having a baby, and It's a Boy!18:30 Oct 07 2016
This must be an exciting news for showbiz lovers. It must even be the most exciting moment for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. And the cat is finally out of the bag.…read more
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcome their second child in New York21:00 Oct 04 2016
The Reynolds brood is expanding, celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have reportedly welcomed their second child!…read more

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