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Movietube is featuring all the latest movie trailers, movie news and film reviews, movie actors and upcoming movies. The movie database is extensive and dates back to 1950 as well as all the unreleased films of up to 2019.

Movietube is an online based platform that creates a unique opportunity for film fanatics to watch movies and TV shows trailers. They also get a fair chance at reviewing their favorite movies and series as well getting adequate information on the cast featured. Although Movie Tube is one among many websites that creates access to movies, it has some perks that make it an unbeatable choice for you. Most importantly, this website follows legal guidelines as it does not support piracy.

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How many episodes of your favorite ongoing shows have you missed just because you switched to another series and never returned? How many movies are worth to be seen that you even don’t know about? It is easy to get lost in plethora of everyday releases, but now you can keep track of films and shows and discover the Universe of Cinema in its splendid diversity! Unmatched MovieTube database of latest and archived news, trailers and reviews at your service.

– movie trailers of your very choice via favorite online player or movie tube. – Be the first to hear about upcoming releases. With a help of our service you will learn about new movies long before they receive wide publicity. – All you need is a stable internet connection. No requirements for hard drive space or hardware, you can use our site even on smartphones and tables!

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Browsing the widest collection is as easy as clicking a mouse button twice! We’ve sorted out media and materials under various categories arranged in intuitive manner. The unique approach ensures outstanding involvement that isn’t anything like the other movie tube sites.

  • Filter out Movies by genre and year of release. You can look for most popular, less popular and latest movies as well.
  • Select Popular, Current TV Series or series with New Episode Playing Today.
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MovieTube is way better than any movie tube site like Putlocker – you can watch movies online knowing exactly what you will experience!

We’ve gathered all exclusive and wide-open data in one place. For every film or show you have:

– Lots of reliable reviews from various independent sources; – Accurate ratings, which give you an exact idea if the film or show is worth to watch it; – High quality videos: scenes, trailers and so on – all presented in HD; – Related news featuring interesting facts; – Cast with a full list of actors; – Extensive information including release or air dates, synopsis, production countries etc.

Our staff constantly works to keep you updated on the latest events. Every item in our database is reviewed on a regular basis according to the most recent materials. Watch movies and TV shows in a way you have never did! We strive to bring you ultimate experience you have never encountered before.

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Upon logging in to the website, you will be ushered in by a wide array of programs and movies information all available for your viewing. Every bit of the available information on movies and TV shows is definitely bound to keep you updated and informed. You will be spoiled for choice on all that’s at your disposal. There also is an impressive variety of TV Shows and movie clips sneak peaks on almost all the best movies ever made. The name Movietube is an umbrella that holds together a number of features and benefits directed at the viewer

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Although the stellar reputation of this website highly attributes to their high number of viewers, we must say that the easy access to content has significantly contributed to it as well. Anyone can log in and peruse through our website at their own pleasure. Ever since it was established, movie tube has maintained a free to view policy on trailers, reviews, news and sneak peaks and we aspire to keep it this way. This policy has drawn in a large number of viewers with thousands more joining on a daily basis. We encourage our viewers to invite their friends and loved ones to view and read information available on their favorite movies and TV shows.

Numerous Reliable Movie Reviews

When a movie is released, some people jump at the opportunity to view it before it goes viral. This is so that they can shed light to others who haven’t seen it yet. In most cases, it is this quick to watch group that writes the reviews on the movies. Reading a review is almost like watching the movie but through someone else’s perspective. It is therefore advisable that one reads several unbiased reviews from different people on the website before rushing to watch it. Some of these reviews are from a group of experts who strictly write reviews for a living while others are from ordinary people who have had the opportunity to watch the show before you. If a movie or TV show has a low rating on this website or any other, it might be an implication that the movie isn’t worth your time.

Latest Movies Online

Entertainment is all about thrill and excitement that is brought about by viewing new scenes, plots and faces that are new to your eyes. In this case, movietube ensures that it airs the latest movie trailers, tv series seasons and episodes as soon as they are released. Truth be told, there is quite a number of websites online such as Putlocker, that offer similar services to ours. However, not all are as dedicated and understand what it takes to meet viewers needs. Movietube ensures that it stays ahead of unique movie news written daily from journalists in the arts and entertainment business for movietube specifically. We try hard to be the first to broadcast the latest movies and TV Series. Staying connected to us puts you on a higher pedestal as you remain updated without fail. Taking our website and viewers seriously motivates us to get our hands on the latest movie information before anyone else.

High Quality Videos

When viewers want to keep up with information regarding their favorite shows and movies as soon as they are released, movietube matches this with quality and clarity of the movies. Movie tube ensures that every clip, scene and episode trailer is streamed in High Definition quality in both sound and picture from youtube. The more this feature is emphasized the better the experience for the viewers. Nothing motivates a viewer to hit the big screens more than a perfectly streamed film trailer. It makes you feel as if you already are inside movie watching it as it unfolds. The fact that movietube’s ranking and number of viewers keep escalating means that we are indeed doing a great job at it. There are a dedicated team behind Movietube that work hard to ensure that it can provide the best possibe experience for its users in terms of value for their time. Legal streaming services would include Amazon Prime Instant Video or iTunes Movies

Wide Variety on Movies Genre

Upon landing on our website, you will notice the wide array of movies and TV programs available for viewing. This wide variety is meant to create options for our viewers as well as to completely rule out monotony. Movietube does this in order to meet all of its user’s varying preferences without leaving anyone behind. Our pride is in successfully bringing people with differing preferences and ideologies together for the purpose of enjoying their favorite movie trailers. With Movietube Online you will have a wide variety of entertainment genres to choose from; drama, thriller, comedy, action, animations, cartoons etc. So far, every viewer and visitor to our website professes pure entertainment with satisfactory quality and variety. This is what we aim for and what has kept us relevant for so long.

Horror Movies

Are you in the mood for scare and fright? Nothing will satisfy and complete such perfect plans than a horror/thriller movie or show. Before heading out to the stores, you will need all the information that you can gather on the best horror movie. Movietube is your one stop site before making such a decision. We have quite a wide variety of horror movies for you to choose from. This will depend on what you’re aiming for. Some are an ideal choice for teenagers, others a great choice for young adults while the scariest ones are a suitable choice only for those who the stomach for it. However, this will depend on your ability to take in what you’re about to watch. If you think that you can handle the scariest one of them all then there’s only one way to find out. Did you know that there are equally thrilling TV shows available nowadays. There’s no better way to stay at the edge of your seat than watching a thrilling show one episode after another. Take some time to view the trailers that we have available for you in order to make a smart choice for purchase.

Drama Movies

If you’ve got a day off of work or a few hours off of your busy daily schedule, you might want to keep up with the latest drama movies that will take your mind off things. Drama movies also come in a wide variety such as; investigative, family, quest, true life stories, revenge and crime. These are the top genres that will keep you at the edge of your seat as you try to unravel the mysteries created on the plot. These are the type of movies that take up all your attention in a good way while your senses stay stimulated in the hopes of solving a mystery and joining the dots of the plot. If you have a favorite actor/actress that is famous for insightful drama movies, movie tube gives you the perfect opportunity to create a search based on the cast. For every drama movie/show, we give a detailed list of the cast members and related news to enable you to make a watching decision.

Comedy Movies

There’s no better way to brighten up a dull and boring day than to watch a rib cracking comedy movie or TV show. However, how will you know the latest and best comedy movies available today? Movie tube bridges this gap by giving you a wide selection of comedy movie trailers that will help you make an informed choice. However, this depends on the kind of comedy movie or show that you’re looking for.
If stand up comedy is what you’re into, we have a few film trailers available for you. Some stand up comedies are specifically done by sole comedians while others feature a group of comedians that take turns to crack jokes. If you’re looking for comedy based movies, you could narrow down your search by typing in specific actors and then get a list of at all the available movies that have that particular actor in the cast.

Animation Movies

Are you looking for something to keep your children busy during the weekends, school holidays or for an upcoming sleep over? You might want to have a look at all the fun animation movies and shows that will grab the child’s attention. Heading out to the stores and blindly picking up a movie is not the best choice as it may have some explicit scenes that aren’t ideal for your child. There’s only one way to find out all there is to know in regards to the content. Take a few minutes and view the movie trailers that we have online. These capture specific highlights as well as enlighten you on the plot that the movie is based on. You could also read the available reviews written about the cartoon and determine whether it is an ideal choice for you or not. There’s a little child trapped in every adult it’s been said. This might explain why some people do not mind watching cartoons with their children and even remain glued to the screen long after the little ones fall asleep. Animations are perfect for the whole family as the story line is more exciting and appropriate even for adult viewing. These are normally more intriguing and exciting than ordinary toddler cartoons. There are more animations being produced today than in the past. Some of the old times favorites include; Madagascar, Rio, Home, Lego, Hotel Transylvania among many more. More of these are underway and the plot is always more exciting than the previous ones. If you want to know the latest released animation movies, take a trip around movie tube and view the trailers under the animation category as well as reading the reviews. Do you want to watch it with friends or family? The trailer and reviews will help you figure this out.

Documentary Movies

More people are appreciating the value of documentaries today more than ever before. These intellectual films arouse your curiosity and satisfy it with answers and explanations on the reasons why things happen the way they do. In our list, we have several documentary movies that are based on varying topics such as; nature, natural disasters, animals and even religion. These are aimed at demystifying facts and creating insight on the things that occur behind the scenes. These are bound to keep you at the edge of your seat as you watch some of the things that you probably would have never seen in your life. The best thing about documentary movies is that they leave you wiser than you were before watching it. Our documentary trailers and reviews will help you determine the kind of documentary movie you want to watch in order to satisfy your curiosity.

Action Movies

Looking for a fun way to wind up the weekend with the guys? Action movies are always the best bet. We have a selection of the best action movies, from classics of yore to the latest CGI masterpieces. We guarantee you all the best, blending the best of action heroes as well as new emerging talent to satisfy all your cravings. Our selection of action movies include epics acted out on the grand scale to more generic ones. But whatever your taste in action movies is, you can always count on the satisfaction of a lone warrior or a group of them facing up to incredible odds and coming out on top. There will be incredible explosions and stupefying stunts often depicted in slow motion smoothness. James Bond is of course the quintessential action hero and our website features plenty of 007’s best films. Our website is also replete with action movie reviews, ratings and trailers to the most eagerly awaited action releases, often years in advance. Other than Bond we have dozens of movies featuring the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Steven Seagal, Wesley Snipes and many more.

Adventure Movies

Adventure movies take you to places you have never been. It may be to the frozen wastelands of the arctic or the boiling heat of the Sahara desert, but you can always sit back and enjoy the ride. Actually, there is no limit to the setting of an adventure movie. It could transport you back to times of ancient civilizations or an imagined moment in the far off future. Yes, with adventure movies, time and distance are no barriers; only your hunger for discover and conquer. But setting is just one aspect that serves to give adventure movies such universal appeal. Indeed, adventure films share plenty of characteristics with action films. They are designed around a fast paced plot, providing for a thrilling, action-filled experience for the film viewer. The best in the genre offer stunning stories, larger than life characters and epic triumph over great odds. Let our guide to the best adventure films transport you to places of magic and intrigue, love and violence, searing pain and unfathomable ecstasy. By their very nature, adventure films span other genres especially, sci-fi , fantasy, war films as well as many novel adaptations. Our epic guide includes scenes to give you a vicarious enjoyment of explorations, travels, conquests, creation of empires and epic struggles depicting both imagine and real historical figures. These courageous figures offer amazing examples of courage, patriotism and altruistic values we can all aspire to.

Crime Movies

Crime movies also popularly known as gangster movies are developed the sinister actions of criminal elements or gangsters. These criminals come in all shades, from bank robbers to classic tale outlaws, underworld racketeers and hoodlums as well as law enforcement officers turned rogue. Crime movies are almost always based on a fast paced thrilling action plot. They have been around well since the inception of the cinema and the 1940s in particular were a formative period in the development of the genre. Indeed, during this time a completely new type of crime movies emerged with darker and cynical actions depicted. In many cases, crime films are also essentially detective whodunits, with the part of the good guys played by the investigating character, often a law enforcement officer or a self styled private detective in the old of Sherlock Holmes. A close analysis of the crime films featured on our site reveals five distinct categories in the genre: gangster/mafia films, detective whodunits, crime comedies, procedural police crime movies and suspense thrillers.