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Adventure movies play a great role in bringing a sense of adventure in the mind of people. They are characterized by unique story lines that bring together real situations with other outrageous events. In most case, such types of movies are easiest to watch and follow the story. They have a clear themes that can be identified from the beginning to the end. The characters are distinct and play a great role to develop and interesting plot. People remain in a movie theater to watch an adventure movie. The eyes are dazzled mesmerized because of the massive explosions, rebellions, combats and car chases. Most of the individuals always remain at the edge of the seats when watching such a genre. Other audiences pay 10 dollars to remain in the front seats in a movie theater. All the attention of the participants is directed to the thrills and excitements associated with the films. The excitement from the adventure movies is always electrifying that viewers may not realize their popcorns and soft drinks are vanishing. This genre captures the attention of all people regardless of the age. It brings entertainment to all individuals in theater or at home. Most of them are created without the dirty images or photos that cause immoral thoughts. They are only associated with gunfights, war, and combats that aim at restoring the society or destroying the enemies. 

Adventure movies apply some of the action scenes to display their intentions and explore different situations in a strong manner. They are mainly organized in regard to a certain background and may apply the created stories of historical aspects. Additionally, kings and monarchies are some of the things identified in adventure movies. Furthermore, the use of rebellion, battles, and piracy is associated with different characters. Other movies like science fiction, fantasy, and horror are also combined in adventure movies. People love adventure movies because they come with a feeling of excitement and superiority. They are quite interesting since they encourage people to fight for their lives without ceasing. This is evident especially when viewer discovers how different characters concurs the enemies to save the lives of the community. The characters also overcome the problems using different techniques. It sensitizes the viewers on the need to accomplish the different mission I in life regardless of the challenges. The idea of seeing people fight using the gun or hand to hand outlines the importance of winning the battle using different means or tools. In this case, the end justifies the means. Adventure movies are broad to the extent that when explored well they can improve the thinking capacity of people. In this case, they are educative in some ways since they explore some important themes. For example, a movie about a king fighting for the society teaches people to protect their power accordingly. Other benefits are that they sensitize individuals on the need to remain to prepare in case of war. In many cases, war occurs unexpectedly because of disagreement among the character of the movies. Notably, a starring arises to fight for the welfare of others. In the real world, such cases of war may occur because of the disagreement between the government and terrorist groups. This may find people unaware in the society. However, with the knowledge from the adventure movies, some people can arise and retaliate or fight back the enemies using the available tools. Seeing explosion and guns in the movie, makes the viewers to be used for such things. Therefore, it reduces the cases of fear or death when war occurs in the real world. Adventure movies engage the viewers and capture their attention to reducing the cases of idle mind which result in unwanted behavior like drug abuse. This is evident when most of the children are not in school, they spend most of the time watching movies rather engaging in criminal activities. Adventure movies are different from other special genres. For example, the comedy movies use more concepts and fun plots to hook the attention of the viewer. In this case, the characters do not engage in war or fighting. Instead, they concentrate on simples comedies that make viewers happy. Drama movies are unique in they move the character in a different situation with the intention of challenging a particular value. The Sci-fi movies are relevant in postulating the future of technology and society. On the other hand, adventure movies apply different scenarios that are related to the real world. Many superheroes fight to the end. The featured characters are similar to real human beings, talk and live in houses that resemble our own. The superheroes are associated with accuracy and use of firearms to stop the enemies. They have incredible power and stamina to sustain hand-to-hand combat. The cinema creates a true picture of escapism from mysterious situations. Fictions enable people to travel to distant lands, past and see the future in an imaginative manner. Adventure movies are also simple since they have fewer elements than other films. 

The narrative is an element of a movie indicating the art form of storytelling. Ideally, adventure movies concentrate on a single story that makes the movies more interesting. The story confirms the theme of the movies. It was what captures the attention of viewers. Most of the individuals will stick on the screen to capture the flow of the story in the movie. It determines whether someone will understand the movie or not. If the story of the movie is complicated, people will not connect anything. For that reason, adventure movies make their story simple and clear to understand without straining or thinking a lot. It uses attractive sounds that express the mood of the movie. The dialogue is clearly outlined depending on the situation and scenario. Music is the key element that distinguishes adventure movies from other genres. Music plays an important role in shaping the feelings and interest of the viewers. If the background music is interesting, it attracts the attention of many viewers. Proper use of dialogue and sound effects brings people to the world of movies. Adventure movies involve talented actor who presents the skills in fighting and shooting. The war resembles that of a video game where the starring and enemies search for each other. The aim is to kill or destroy the opponents. The ending provides a complete resolution since it ends on a high note. Characters are sometimes creative in that they create a humorous feeling to the viewers. 

Technological growth and development support the propagation of this type of movie genre. People are will to engage in the film industry because of the available production tools and platform. The cost of producing one movie has reduced in the main places like Hollywood. Countries like Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, and France are some of the countries where adventure movies are produced in large number. In this case, movies are key socializing activators. They allow unknown people to mingle in different places. The idea of listening to the actors makes the viewer socialize with them in the visual world. 

In contrary, adventure movies are associated with different negative cases. Ideally, these type of movies instigates violence among the viewers and other participants. They are acted in a manner that a new viewer can think they are real. The current movies are so violent compared to the past ones. They outline different ways of torture especially to the weak. In addition, movies bring out the idea of revenge in the mind of kids and adults groups. The violent programs increase the consent of violence that makes the child aggressive. Such cases are bad because they increase the bullying cases in the colleges and secondary schools. People in the society are always willing to emulate the behavior of the starring and violent actors. Additionally, it is in the movies where people are filled with killing and fighting scenarios. In this case, they end up fighting other related members or friends. Some people learn how to use the gun in the movie and not from the fellow members. This is dangerous because it can influence the strong men to apply the available weapons with the aim of silencing others. Movies are factious since they establish false notions. The subject matter of some adventure movies is far away from the real thing. This ends up creating false scenarios in the mind of people. Children are fond of believing whatever comes in their ways. For example, the can view the movie concerning the fall of a president and they continue believing it their lives. Movies teach bad morals and way of living. They can teach the participant that enemies or opponents should be killed every time they appear. Some of the movies are so interesting in that they fully capture the attention of viewers. This makes most of the people to waste their time and money when viewing the certain movies. In the case of children, they fail to complete the homework while watching movies in theaters. 

Some of the well-known adventure movies include One, Gladiator which was characterized as a British-American movie directed by Ridley Scott. Russel, Joaquin, Connie, Ralf, and Oliver are the main stars. In 2000, the movie was released in the US and made complete sales of about $457.6 million. General Maximus accompanies the Roman armies to again the required victory over the Germanic societies. At some point, the General became weak and decided to retire from the battle. On the side, Emperor Marcus decides to appoint back General Maximus since his sons were not competent in the battle. Unfortunately, Commodus, Emperor’s son, learns about and later kills Marcus in a fit of rage. Later, the son declares himself the new Emperor and commands Maximus to obey him. The general refuses the idea which makes the Emperor sentence him to death in the morning. The General manages to kill the captors and runs back to his firm. He becomes surprised to realize Commodus had already destroyed and killed his family. Maximus manages to bury his wife and son but later collapse because of the bleeding injuries. A person rescues and carries him to Zucchabar to a gladiator trainer named Proximo. Maximus receives some training and starts to fight in the local tournaments. Additionally, he makes friends with other two gladiators who encourage him a lot. Proximo advises Maximus that being a good killer is not enough but only a gladiator who is worth attaining the freedom. Proximo also tells Maximus to move to Rome and try to combat Commodus. The movie continues but ends where Maximus dies and taken away by his group member to receive an honorable burial.

Die Another Day (2002) is a movie which James Bond acts as the starring. In this case, he leads a mission to North Korea where is captured and arrested after killing the North Korean colonel. Later, he is set free as a part of a prisoner exchange. James tries by all means to find out he betrayed him. Michael G.Wilson and Barbara Broccoli produced the movie. It was directed by Lee Tamahori. James Bonds moves to the North Korean base where he realizes Colonel Moon was selling weapons illegally. Moons discover bond is just a British agent and tries to kill him. The movies end when Bonds is attempting to kill Graves. They appear in a plane where they try to shoot each other using a gun. The plane loses control while Bond attempts to combat Graves. The plane is damage further forcing Grave to escape using a parachute. Bond pulls the parachute making to open and causing Graves to hang on the plane. Bond disables one of the engines which kills Graves. Later Bond and Jinx escapes from the burning helicopter. 

In conclusion, adventure movies play important role of entertaining the viewers. They express the thoughts and creativity of the producers. On the other side, such movies may cause violence or negative acts in the society. They can increase the aggressiveness of children in schools. For that reason, they should be produced in a manner that favors different aspects of the society.