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Ever since its invention in the 15th century, animation has been revolutionizing the information and entertainment sector. It's been used to pass important messages to target audiences and also to entertain people the world over. The movie industry in particular has been a key beneficiary of animation technology. Various players in this industry have reaped high financial returns by making animation movies which have gone ahead to be among the highest grossing movies of their time. Furthermore, certain companies have built well known brands simply by going the animation way. A perfect example of a company that built a name for itself courtesy of animation is Disney. This world renowned media company started out doing mainly animated movies and TV programmes. It was only several years later that it diversified and ventured into actual film production alongside animation.

What are animated movies?

Before delving further into the topic of animation movies, it's important to first understand what animation is. This begs the question, what is animation?

In simple terms, animation refers to the creation of cartoon characters or any other non-living character which has the characteristics of a living being. Animated characters are the cartoons we watch in Disney movies and TV shows and also the human-like or animal-like characters we watch on TV ads and so on. Basically, they are non-living beings given the attributes of a living being and brought to life onscreen.

Coming to a much more technical definition, animation refers to the art and science of creating imaginary motion using a rapidly displayed set of similar images.

Animation can be done using analogue devices such as flip books, motion picture films, and video tape. In addition, it can also be done through digital media such as digital cameras. Modern day animation uses technologies like 3D and computer-generated imagery systems to come up with more refined characters.

The process of animation is usually conducted by artists with skills and specializations in this particular field. To be a professional animator, you need to have studied computer animation or fine arts or any other related programmes. A bachelor's degree in any of these fields gives you a basic startup in the art of animation. You can further polish your animation skills by taking up a graduate course in this discipline. In fact, many employers usually offer their animator staff on-job training to further sharpen their skills in and grasp of animation.

Even though formal training and educational qualification are required in order to secure a job as an animator, this is not always the case. There are cases where a person is naturally talented in animation or has learnt the art by means of apprenticeship. In such cases, you can secure a job as an animator even if you don't have academic certificates to serve as proof of your knowledge and competency in this particular area. The only thing that counts in such a case is whether your potential employer believes in your abilities or not.

In regards to the issue of animators, entertainment and media companies like Disney, Universal, and Warner Bros usually employ a massive number of people to work in their studios as animators. These three companies are on their own very big players in the animation movies market. They account for a large percentage of animation movies which are churned out every now and then across the world.

Although the three aforementioned companies are dominant in the field of animation movies and TV programmes, they aren't the only big players in the field of animation entertainment. There are many other companies which produce world class animation content every now and then. Examples of these include 20th Century Fox, LucasFilm, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Paramount, and Marvel among many more.

History of Animation

In addition to knowing what animation is all about, it is also important to know how it originated and how far it has had to come in order to be the fascinating artwork that we see on our screens today. Knowing the roots of animation movies can help you appreciate them more the next time you get to see one.

So how did animation movies come to be? Who first came up with one and how did they do it? Well, read on to find out.

The art of animation goes back thousands of years. It is in fact older than the art of movie production itself. As far back as the paleolithic age, human beings were making cave paintings of multiple legged animals to create the illusion of motion. In addition, a more than 5000 years old Iranian earthenware was discovered by research archaeologists. This points to the practice of animation in the ancient years as on it are sequential pictures of a desert animal jumping up to nibble grass.

Away from the caveman practices of animation, the 19th century saw the dawn of a more advanced type of animation. Technologies such as use of phenakistoscope and praxinoscope were adopted in the year 1832 and 1877 respectively. Paper animation was also practised in the 19th century through the use of flip books and other related media.

The more modern form of animation however didn't see the light of the day until around early 20th century. In 1914, United States animator and cartoonist Winsor McCay created a short animation film titled Gertie The Dinosaur. This was followed three years later with an animated film called El Apóstol. This film is largely argued to be the world's first feature length animated film. It was a 70 minute long film which was broadcasted to a theater audience in South America in 1917.

Not so long after the likes of El Apóstol had been released, Disney entered the animation movie market and completely revolutionalised it. Many people today even wrongly assume that Disney is the inventor of animation, this is owing to the gigantic strides that the renown media company has made in the production of animated media content.

Disney came in in 1928 with animated contents such as the Alice series, Willie's Steamboat, and Mickey Mouse. It would later on have other works such as the infamous Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella among many more popular animated entertainment contents.

Disney has stamped its authority in the field of animated entertainment content. Whether you need children's entertainment content or one for adult, the film and television powerhouse has them in their numbers.

Modern day Animated Movies

In terms of film and television contents in today's market, animation still commands a significant market share. If statistics are to go by, producers of animated movies may be raking in more money than their counterparts who decide to stick to the mainstream film way.

According to the New York Film Academy, animated films were the biggest income earners in the film industry in 2004. They had a gross profit margin of 52%, a figure higher than that of action movies which have for long been bailed as the second most profitable genre in the film industry. The latter group managed to have a gross profit margin of 48% in that very year.

Why have animation movies become popular with producers?

Day in and day out, an animated movie is released somewhere in the U.S, UK, or even other parts of the world like Japan, South Korea, and China. Some film and media companies even seem to be devoting the bulk of their time to production of animation movies than any other movie genre. This prompts the question, what is it about animation movies that makes film companies invest millions and more millions into their production?

Well the first explanation is pretty simple, the animation movie market is a lucrative market. Investment in animation movies promises high returns. Consumption of animation movies has increased not only in America but the world over. Outside of the United States, other large consumers of animation movies are European and Asian countries. The increase in consumption of animation movies has in turn led to a growing demand for them. No one else benefits more from this increased demand than the film companies themselves.

Statistics for the movie industry show that animation films held the topmost position in the Box Office chart in 2016. Sony Pictures' Dory took the top spot with returns of $476.8 million on Box Office and $897.6 billion worldwide. Disney's Zootopia and Universal's Secret Life of Pets also took leading positions at $341.3 million and $336.2 million respectively.

The other reason why film companies are turning to animation movies is because they are becoming much more easier to produce now, thanks to advancement in technology. Latest technology such as 3D animation and computer-generated imagery systems has made it far more easier to come up with animation movies than it were several years ago. Companies are therefore taking advantage of this availability of input resources to help them make more profits. Furthermore, animation movies may prove to be much more cheaper in the end than actual movies. This is because in the case of an animated film, you don't have to spend money on cast and shooting as is usually the case in actual film.

One more reason why film companies are choosing to go the animation way is because it offers them the chance to come up with movies with specific attributes. In the case of animation movies, you get to completely determine the movie's characters including the kind of emotion a character feels and where. This is however not always possible with actual film as you can't completely determine things such as how an actor feels or reacts in a particular situation or not.

Animated film allows a chance for creativity and artistic expression. You can edit the color scheme to look a particular way or even shape characters to a particular appearance. Most animated films such as Disney's Cinderella have very rich and attractive color schemes. This is owing to the creative room that animation allows a filmmaker.

In addition to everything, film companies are diversifying into animation film because of the wide audiences it enables them reach. Animation films mainly appeal to kids and this group accounts for a large percentage of film and television viewers the world over. Aside from kids, animation movies are also becoming popular with teenagers and adults alike. Adults are slowly by slowly developing a liking for animation films thanks to the introduction of more mature movies such as Beauty and The Beast and Zootopia among others.

Five best animated films of all time

Ever since animation was adopted as a film and TV technology in the early 20th century, many film audience the world over have grown to love animation movies. Here is a list of five greatest animation movies of all time:

1. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

This film became a hit with movie fans ever since Disney released it in 1937. It's not difficult to understand why the film was well received, it was to begin with centered around the infamous fairytale story by the same name. Secondly, Disney infused the film with rich visual effects which appealed to its audience. The film had been made using traditional animation technology.

2. The Lion King

Commonly known as Lion King, Walt Disney's animation movie The Lion King has continued to rank among the greatest animation movies ever released. The audience fell in love with Simba the lion's story as soon as the film hit the screens in 1944. The love for the film doesn't only stop onscreen, it goes further to everyday life where parents buy Lion King-themed beddings among other merchandise for their children.

3. Finding Nemo

Pixar did an incredible work in this 2003 animation movie. In this story, a little clownfish named Nemo goes missing and his father Marlin embarks on a mission to find and rescue him. Marlin searches for his abducted son as far as Sydney Harbour. He has to contend with a lot of dangers and risks while out searching for his missing son.

4. Despicable Me

The 2010 animation film Despicable Me is another all time hit. The Universal movie is one of the best performing superhero movies in the animation category ever. It is a story of a supervillain known as Gru whose pride gets injured after he learns that another supervillain has stolen the renown Pyramid of Giza. He immediately sets out on a mission to steal the Moon so as to make his rival's action seem like nothing much.

5. Zootopia

Recently released Disney movies Zootopia fits the perfect definition of a well-loved and high grossing animation movie. Upon premiering on February 3,2016, the film has gone ahead to gross at $1.024 billion on Box Office. Zootopia is a story of a rabbit cop and a red fox con who set out to investigate a mysterious disappearance of predators in a mammalian city.

The best animated movies for 2017

Away from the all time greatest animation movies, here are the five movies which currently rule the animation movie scene:

1. Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks is a live action cum animated film created by Paramount Pictures. The film has been making headlines ever since its debut in January this year. Some quarters even argue that it could possibly displace Rogue One in the Box Office position any time soon. Monster Trucks is the story of a character known as Tripp who is eager to get away from his birth town. Luck falls on his side after an oil drilling process leads to the discovery of a monster creature with a penchant for speed. It could as well be Tripp's answer for the desire to get out of his birth place.

2. The Red Turtle

This Belvision movie tells a great story of a gigantic turtle who keeps destroying the boat of a man stranded on an island. The movie debut a few weeks ago on January 10 and is already proving to become a high grossing animation movie of 2017.

3. The Lego Batman film

Having been already released in Dublin, Ireland on January 29, 2017 and still to be released in order of places like the U.S, The Lego Batman animation movie is promising to be a must watch animation film. It tells the story of superhero Batman who embarks on a journey of self discovery and in the process gets to realize the value of friendship and teamwork. The film is a work of Warner Bros.

4. Justice League Dark

Also a Warner Bros film, Justice League Dark stars legendary superhero character Batman. In this story, Batman is in the midst of occult and magic as the Justice League tries to put an end to a bloody battle that has erupted in the land. The movie is packed with action and superhero themes and features voices of actors such as Matt Ryan and Jason O'Mara among others.

5. Zootopia

Yes, the incredible Disney work of Zootopia is still ruling the movie world even in 2017. Moviegoers both children and adults seem to be so much in love with the animal stars in this leading Mouse House film.

Upcoming animated movies in 2017

Below is a list of some of the animation movies you can look forward to watching once they are released later on this year:

Rock Dog Leap The Boss Baby Smurfs: The Lost Village Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Cars 3 Despicable Me 3 The Emoji Movie The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature The Lego Ninjago Movie My Little Pony: The Movie Coco The Star Ferdinand

Where to watch animation movies

If you are a fan of animation movies, you have a massive number of choices in your hands in regards to where to watch your favorite movies. The first option is to buy a DVD version of the movie and watch on your telly or laptop. You can always find the latest movies you're looking for at the books and DVD sections of a departmental store or even just at a movie dealers in your local place.

Apart from buying your favorite movie, you can as well download it from online movie sale sites and then get to watch it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone as nowadays is the case. There isn't any reason whatsoever why you should fail to watch your favorite animation movie if you have a device that supports movie formats.

Speaking of watching movies online, one of the sites you can try out is Movietube Online. This site as an extension of animation movies, some of these dating as far back as the 1970s. You can also find herein information about upcoming movies including those that are set for release in 2018. Examples of animation movies which you can watch on this site include Finding Nemo, Zootopia, Sing, Trolls, The Secret Life of Pets, Moana, The Angry Birds, Big Hero 6, Minions, Justice League Dark, Sausage Party, Ice Age: Collision Course, Kubo and the Two Strings, Storks, Up, Inside Out, Finding Dory, and Beauty and The Beast among many more.

In addition to the other options, you can also watch your favorite animation on various pay television channels such as MGM and Sony and even Disney or Universal movies exclusive channels.