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Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is an annual television special that airs every New Year's Eve on ABC. The special broadcasts from New York City's Times Square, and prominently features coverage of its annual ball drop event, along with live and pre-recorded musical performances by popular acts from Times Square and Hollywood respectively. Despite being in a direct rivalry with Guy Lombardo's popular and long-running New Year's Eve specials on CBS when it first premiered, New Year's Rockin' Eve soon became the most watched New Year's Eve special in the United States; with its 2012 edition peaking at 22.6 million home viewers—not including viewers watching from locations such as bars and New Year's Eve parties, which are not measured by Nielsen. Its host, creator, and namesake was entertainer Dick Clark, who hosted coverage of New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square for ABC annually from 1974 to 2004—when the complications of a stroke less than a month prior prevented him from participating in the 2005 edition, resulting in Regis Philbin substituting as the host. While Clark would return from 2006 to 2012, his role on Rockin' Eve became more limited due to Clark's dysarthria, as Ryan Seacrest became the main on-air host from Times Square. The death of Dick Clark on April 18, 2012 left Seacrest as the sole host of the special beginning with its 2012–13 edition.

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