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What happens in The Walking Dead's “No Way Out”12:36 Feb 18 2016
So I’ve been watching this Walking Dead series for years now and got hooked. But, ironically, it’s been two years since they released Season 5 and I haven’t seen it yet! So no wonder up until now I still don’t know what happened after they got caught by t…read more
Walking Dead fights against piracy11:44 Feb 26 2016
The Walking Dead is an American horror drama based on the comic book 'The Walking Dead' by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. The TV show is developed by Frank Darabont and has been nominated for a number of awards including the Golden Globe …read more
Walking Dead Recap,'Not Tomorrow Yet'13:54 Mar 08 2016
Walking dead season 6 episode 12 has reversed the momentum that was put in place by the previous episode. It has recaptured humor; more energy is seen and tension.…read more
Supernatural Season 12 and beyond10:59 Mar 09 2016
There are great reasons to believe that the epic fantasy series, Supernatural, might indeed go on for a long duration of time. This is indeed great news for a majority of Supernatural fanatics who are still very hopeful that they are going to see the Winc…read more
Alicia Witt in The Walking Dead16:24 Mar 17 2016
The walking dead is a series that has been both in the minds and the lips of many and has so far had the highest ratings at 7.3.…read more
Negan's arrival on The Walking Dead18:28 Mar 21 2016
This season, fans of Walking Dead are on the edges of their seats, as they wait with bated breath for the introduction of Negan, the next and possibly the biggest Big Bad in this series.…read more
The Walking Dead Season 6: Fans outraged by shock cliffhanger finale13:37 Apr 07 2016
The Walking Dead is now moving in to its 7th series but what are the fans saying about the cliffhanger finale to Season 6? The show which has been running since 2010 has kept fans gripped for 6 seasons (myself included). No matter who you talk to or where…read more
5 of the biggest fails on The Walking Dead season 617:52 Apr 07 2016
Let’s face it, no show likes to troll its audience like The Walking Dead. I mean Homeland may test your patience and Game of Thrones may kill all the people you love, but there’s something captivating and unique about the Walking Dead’s ability to get you…read more
Anticipating Negan's victim in 'The Walking Dead'17:08 Jun 01 2016
The Walking Dead Season 6 final episode was such a thriller. Robert Kirkman the AMC show and Walking Dead comic book producer did indeed hint on the characters that would die in season 7 of the Walking Dead. During the finale of Season 6 Kirkman hinted at…read more
'Walking dead' new season13:21 Oct 05 2016
A lot has happened in the two-hour finale season of fear the 'Walking dead'. If you are like me who loves such movies and want to see every bit of it, you want to read these review.…read more



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