The voices behind your favorite Animated characters

Animation has become quite popular in the recent years in the film and entertainment industry, and one question that rings in the back of viewers mind is whose voice is that? and therefore I have decided to give you a chronological breakdown of popular actors who voiced various animated films.

1.Angelina Jolie

The famous actress now at 42 years, has a successful career in the entertainment industry and she has not been left behind when it comes to the voicing of characters in animation, Angelina is the beautiful voice behind Mistress Tiger in “Kung Fu Panda” and Lola in “Shark Tale” among other animations.

2.James Corden
British comedian James Corden is a man of many trades, from hosting award ceremonies such as the Grammy to late night shows, Corden can be compared to none. He is the voice behind the character Biggie in the film “Trolls”.

3. Brad Pitt
Known for his long and successful career and box office record-breaking movies, i.e., “12 years a slave”, Brad Pitt is not left behind he has lent his voice in popular kids movies such as “Mega-Mind” where he voiced the character Metro Man and “Happy Feet Two” as Will the Krill.



4.Eddie Murphy
This stand-up comedian has brought his comic prowess into animation. You probably have watched “Shrek”, well Eddy Murphy is the one who voices the donkey. He brings out the fun character in a way nobody else can.

5. Mila Kunis
Born in Ukraine and later moved to the united states, Mila Kunis began acting at a tender age and became one of Hollywood\’s biggest success stories; She has voiced Meg Griffins in one of Americans biggest animation series “Family Guy” since 1999.

6.Cameron Diaz
She is an American producer, actress, and a former fashion model, Cameron rose to fame in the 1990s and has been in the game since then, among her most successful roles in animation is in the series “Shrek” voicing the character Princess Fiona.

7.Adam Sandler
He is a successful stand-up comedian, actor,  producer, and entrepreneur, at 51 years he has voiced numerous animated character the most popular is Dracula in “Hotel Transylvania”, he is also ranked among the best American actors and stand up comedians of all time.

8.Thomas Kenny
Thomas voices one of my favorite animation series, guess what? He is the voice behind the title character Sponge Bob, his work in this series has won him numerous awards including an Emmy. Kenny was born in NewYork in 1962. He has also voiced multiple characters in “Power Puff Girls” and “Ice King” and the Magic Man on “Adventure Time”.

9.Will Arnett
Popularly known for his role in the movie arrested development, He has also voiced a couple of animated characters he stars as the squirrel Surly in the popular animation “The nut job” and “The nut job 2: Nutty by nature”. He also voices several supporting roles in films such as “Horton hears a who!” and “Despicable Me”.

10. Jackie Chan
The Chinese actor, a martial art artist, has made a name for himself by appearing in over 100 movies and undoubtedly he is not left behind when it comes into featuring in animations,he has voiced characters in films such as “Kung fu panda”, “The nut job 2: Nutty by nature” and even character Shang in Disney’s Chinese movie “Mulan” .


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