The Crumble of the House of Cards

After all the problematic events occurred with the actor and protagonist of the multiple award-winning series “House of Cards”, Kevin Spacey; the show was suspended indefinitely and the performer got fired.

Season 5 finished with Spacey’s character (Frank Underwood) stepping down from the presidency and his wife and Vice President Claire Underwood assumed the highest position in the oval office.

Many followers believed that a Final Season was never to take place but recently the massive media service provider, Netflix, has revealed that its original mega-series is set to premiere on November 2nd the sixth and final season of \”House of Cards\”. This is coincidentally just a few days ahead of the fundamental midterm elections, increasing dramatic tension in the United States’ politics even more.

Robin Wright, Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee, returns as the President of the United States, Claire Underwood, after Kevin Spacey getting fired, the show writers had to establish new grounds and place the focus on Wright’s character. Something that we know so far is that the cast will have some important additions to the list with an important rising in strength and protagonism of the Shepherd family, we are talking about Academy Awards nominees Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear that will be playing as Annette and Bill Shepherd, heir brothers of Shepherd Unlimited, an industrial conglomerate powerful enough to wield their means into the American politic system. They both share a particular view for America’s future and also a complicated past with the Underwoods. Also adding, rising star Cody Fern as Duncan Shepherd, Annette’s son that will be representing a brand new young and ambitious generation craving for power. Unfortunately seems that we will have to wait until the sixth season is release to find out what happen with Frank Underwood – Kevin Spacey’s character – and how it will all end up.

So far we know that the Final Season will consist of eight episodes and Spacey will not be involved in any way to the show, Netflix has announced that they want to be completely disassociated with the actor in any capacity. This complicated things as the actor was meant to continue starring the series in the upcoming season. Also, the official House of Cards account in the official announcement shows Claire Underwood sitting in a resembling Abraham Lincolns Memorial statue where she sits instead of him. This is another occasion where it is shown that a female President could achieve the highest position in American politics, becoming the most powerful woman in the planet. Wright’s character has shown strength, intelligence, elegance and determination to achieve and accomplish what is necessary to fulfill her goals. The question here is, will she be ready and up to the task? We will have to wait and see with our own eyes if she can replace the strength that Frank Underwood represented in the show, focusing all the attention on her, even with the addition of new and strong characters that will tremor the basic foundations of the White House.


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