“Christopher Robin” (2018): a Children’s Movie for All Generations

Partially animated and partially live-action “Winnie the Pooh” sequel tells the story of the adult Christopher Robin (starring Ewan McGregor) who had long forgotten Winnie the Pooh, his old friend. Now a family man with a job and his struggles to tackle, Christopher Robin will once again encounter the stuffed bear, who turns to him for help in finding lost friends in the woods. On this journey, Christopher Robin will re-discover the joys of childhood adventures. The movie promises family-friendly fun, co-starring Hayley Atwell, Brad Garrett, Chris O’Dowd, and Peter Capaldi.


The movie is set for release in 2018, and viewers are left to guess from the trailer. Everything we know about the film at the moment comes from the container; it appears that an average family adult will also find themselves drawn into the movie, as it hits straight at the core issue for every parent: not having enough time for their family. Christopher Robin faces family issues as he spends too little time at home. This is a topic close to too many people, and particularly sensitive to those who are facing marriage problems.



What We Know About “Christopher Robin”

A minute into the trailer, Christopher Robin gets introduced to a unique situation many adults might desire: He gets help from a childhood friend. From a child’s perspective, the movie is a story about the bear, but for an adult who is still in touch with their inner child, it is a lot more. When one faces life struggles, it is the memory of the childhood adventure that can trigger a strong emotional response. This is when some adults resort to watching their favorite children’s shows or visiting long-forgotten places. The similar happens to Christopher Robin, only his childhood stuffed toy is very much alive, causing all sorts of trouble along the way. Here’s where inclusion, a very hot mainstream topic, comes into play. Winnie, who is alive, talking, stuffed bear, is struck with the realization he must hide his true nature for the sake of his safety among people.



There’s not much to assess about the movie regarding critical response, as very little information about it is available aside from the trailer. What’s noticeable before the movie even airs, is that plenty of adults aren’t ashamed to talk about how much they look forward to watching it. This shows that the video sparked the interest of both young and adult audience and might gain much more attention than it initially expected.



“Christopher Robin” was scheduled for release on August 2nd, 2018. The Walt Disney movie features Alex Ross Perry is a directory and the story, as well as Alison Schroeder in the second director’s seat. Box Office projects the movie to profit over $30 million on the opening night, with the projected amounts increasing with each day. Given the movie inspires after “Winnie the Pooh”, the book, and the iconic cartoon character that influenced the childhood of generations decades back, it’s safe to assume that a broad audience demographic will be interested in seeing it. “Christopher Robin” will premiere in countries across Europe, as well as in Japan.


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