Just How Much Do You Already Know About Maleficent 2

A sequel that Disney fans have patiently been waiting for since the release of “Maleficent” in 2014 is finally set to start production this year. Angelina Jolie is returning to the sets of “Maleficent 2” with her role as the iconic villain around whom the central theme of the plot revolves. This sequel will prove to be a healthy addition to the series of movies that negate the damsel-in-distress concept of fairy tales. While the sequel has been talked about since 2015, the year after the release of the first “Maleficent” movie, the project has just recently begun taking shape. Fans of the first movie in the series are awaiting its return and any news about the production and changes in cast line up is keeping the fans hooked on social media.

Angelina Jolie has already described the upcoming movie as a “really strong sequel” and the team is said to be working on the script for a very long time. Which means that fans knew for a long time Angelina Jolie would be returning to the franchise that has changed the way fairy tales are viewed. Since the first movie of the series was a huge success at the box office, a sequel was never really out of question. The fans are now eagerly waiting to see if it lives up to the hype of the original movie of the franchise. We know that “Maleficent 2” is being directed by the renowned director that boast many blockbusters under his name, Joachim Rønning. It has recently been revealed that Elle Fanning will be returning to the sequel with Aurora’s character.

Linda Woolverton who has previously co-written the script of “Maleficent” is working alongside Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster, and Jez Butterworth on the script of the upcoming sequel. However, there has been no news about the plot of the movie and the theme around which it revolves. We assume that this will be kept a strict secret until the movie is finally set to release.

One change in the casting line up has had mixed reactions from the fans and critics and that is the actor Harris Dickinson replacing Brenton Thwaites for the role of the popular Disney Prince, Philip. Sources say that this replacement had to be made because of scheduling issues with Thwaites even though the producers really wanted him back for the role. While Harris Dickinson is not considered an actor of the same merit as Thwaites, he is currently making rounds with his performance in the series named “Trust”. The actor has a serious fan following of his own and is said to be an ideal replacement for the original Prince Philip.

A few more casting changes, or rather additions will also be observed in the sequel to the blockbuster “Maleficent”. “Game of Thrones” star Ed Skrein has also been roped in for a role of a villain whose character has not been specified until now, we cannot wait for learning more details about this character. In addition to this, Prince Philip is also going to have his mother on screen in this sequel, for which the name of Michelle Pfeiffer is circulating. Complete details of both these characters and the actors who play them will be confirmed soon. We are keeping an eye on the pre-production news and activities that take place around “Maleficent 2”.


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