Black mirror – Glimmer of hope in Dystopia

“Black Mirror” is a British science fiction television series airing on Netflix from September 2015. It was created in 2011 by Charlie Brooker and has premiered the first two series on channel 4, a British TV channel. It is set in a dystopian world and explores the consequences of
high technology on people’s lives. The series is known for its dark and satirical tone. It has received positive reviews from critics for all of its four seasons. It has received its first Primetime Emmy awards in the outstanding Television movie category, and also for outstanding writing category. Season 4, the latest in the series was released on Netflix in 29th December 2017.

It has total episodes of 19 spanning across four seasons. This popular mystery series was inspired by older anthology shows and deals with contemporary controversial topics without censorship fear. It taps into the panics and trends of the smartphone age such as mass
surveillance, security lapses, dangerous workings of the digital world etc.

Each episode in the series has a different story, different reality and different cast which maintains a feeling of excitement and suspense among the viewers. All the 19 episodes explore the dark sides of our addiction with gadgets and technology in the last few years. Although these are independent stories, the show has Easter eggs and allusion from the previous episodes to the next ones.

“Black mirror” compares the contemporary and the near-future humanity in their behavior and the use of technology often leading
to disastrous results. Mankind would be wiped out because of his own errors or robots would take over the planet in the episodes. It is a road to perdition, and has more villains than heroes and almost always ends on a sad note. It is like a wake up to the viewers to do something good in this world before it is too late.

Season 4

Season 4 has six stand-alone episodes with different genres. The episode’s plot includes the world in which memories are no longer private, helicopter parenting, consequences of online dating etc. it is told that the episode six will be anthology within an anthology.

Memory machines, advanced dating apps, robotic guard dogs and a lot more unimaginable gadgets are introduced that reminds us
how far we have come from the reality. The whole series portrays the good and cool things amongst these technologies, but also not fails to warn us about all the pitfalls and the unexpected consequences, through an excellent TV programme.

Critic, Review and International recognition:

The series has been praised for being highly creative and innovative and the delivery of shocking twists has been critically acclaimed. It has an average rating of 82 in Metacritic. Journalists have also reported that the scenarios in the series have come to be true in the real
world. E.g. comparison of “The Waldo Moment” with the election campaign of Donald Trump.

“Black mirror” has received various awards and accolades and has been a fan favorite right from the beginning. It has won “Best TV series” International Emmy Awards in 2012. It has received three nominations and won in two categories in the 69th primetime Emmy awards. It three-part TV movie “San Junipero” has acquired a cult classic status. These episodes are highly engrossing and have remarkable geographic and visual scope.

This TV series is a must watch for people who want to know how the future can destroy humanity.


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