Does 'Star Wars 9' Begin Shooting This Summer?

16:27 04/11/2017 Tyson Williams for movietube

 So, are you excited for the next movie episode of 'Star Wars'?

Along with the most controversial issues in the field of media and entertainment at this date and time, is the breakthrough of the most waited and wanted movie episode of 'Star Wars', an American film that manifests different interesting stories of characters that come in 9 amazing episodes.

If you are one of those who is enthusiastically devoted to watching the different series of the movie, then this might be a great News for you. Many 'Star Wars' fans are looking forward to viewing the film in the soonest time possible. Even as early as the last month of last year, there were rumors that Lucas Film is breaking the long waiting time of the fans beginning the production this 2017. In spite of that, the production company never gave an assurance about this. 

While the death of Carrie Fisher affects a lot about this movie –for she was supposed to play a big role in the movie, studios for shooting the movie are getting ready to getting more solutions, and the filming scene is in London as we should expect. Even if there were no confirmations about this prediction yet, several reports are projecting that the movie will be released on May 23, 2019. However, some forecasts are saying that it would be aligned to the launch dates of some Star Wars episodes, which is December. Allocating two year time to set studios and production materials and procedures, Lucas Film is expected to come after the calculated date May 2019.

It was rumored that Disney was considering using the same CGI techniques used in 'Rogue One' to have Carrie Fisher in this movie, but they have since denied it

There were also conjectures and reports from different sources that they are already looking for new main actors and supporting ones that will complete the movie roles, and that would make it be more to look at. 

In an interview answered by Mark Hamill, he established clues that his symbolic and well- known character will be figured out in the 9th Episode of 'Star Wars' movie. There were no scenes and points revealed at the moment but we should anticipate for a more thrilling and exhilarating, action- packed happenings. 

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', as disclosed to be recorded in 65mm format, and the company Kodak said that cameras and other filing facilities are upgraded to make improvements. Recent episodes were just filmed with 35 mm, so this could produce a big difference. 

Despite the fact that speculations regarding the release and exact filming date for the film were not yet affirmed by producers, actors, or directors of the movie, we cannot deny the fact that Star Wars series were not blown away by new movies that were launched to the public today. The viewers, consisting of the old and young generations electrified with the upcoming movie.

At this moment, the hint that they only gave us is that Colin Trevorrow is directing the movie that is about to be shown on our televisions' screens, and Mark Hamill's involvement, with regard to their confirmation during interviews. The more possible the production will start, the shorter 'Star Wars' addicts will wait. 

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