'Prison Break' returns with style

14:32 04/10/2017 Akintola Akindele for movietube

Hearty cheers to the lovers of the Michael Scofield’s Prison Break Chronicles.The premiere of 'Prison Break' aired April 4, 2017, and brought up a lot of questions. Although It was no surprise that Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield was returning, there still lies the question of how he is going to break out of prison and what it's going to cost the two brothers. The Fox company brought back from the dead PRISON BREAK, our wonderful series which is the most anticipated fifth season, with many of the actors from the earlier version to be featured in the very popular series. Miller coming is a surprise as whose character, Michael, seemed to die at the end of Season 4.

Wentworth Miller was a last minute casting choice. He started filming about a week after auditioning

The movie was a kick start back in 2005 with Michael's brother, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) being locked up in prison and Scofield set out to rescue Lincoln, and a pack of rescued inmates, colorful tractors colorful filled up the show. This new season show gives us an unexpected twist, it’s the other way around this time around and it's the rescued that's is saving Michael this time around. 

You will for sure enjoy discovering the new characters that are back in this new season, so let’s not detail that here. Things have really changed since 2009, let's say there are some reunions and when Michael's brother Lincoln was to bring his brother home from Yemen, he did not go alone but had some help.

Rockmond Dunbar and Dominic Purcell in 'Prison Break: Sequel' (2017)

The setting of this new season seems to be off point. To me, it looks little gimmicks seem childish. Yemen is presented as a country in turmoil, which of course it is, unstable and dangerous. Yet Michael, is seen making paper airplanes with riddles written on them with the aim of communicating and tossing them through the prison bars?

Lincoln and his team and to gather and solve different clues in other to figure out that Michael might be alive and where he was. for those who love this sort of thing, there’s plenty of it in stock for you. In any case, the ingredients that fans of the old show are looking for are certainly here: a prison, an escape plan, emerging conspirators, new characters with the trait to the old ones.

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are very close friends in real life. They are actually responsible for the creation of this 5th season:  Purcell suggested a reboot of the series to Miller. Miller agreed, took the idea to Fox, pitched it as a series, and the network picked it up

It's easy to decipher right from the beginning of this season that it’s directly aimed at long-time viewers, so if you’re new you may be lost and find it hard to get along with what’s exactly going on. Though, 'Prison Break' still can be a fun ride for newcomers as it’s packed with great action and fun twists to even intrigue those who aren’t caught up. A huge addition, the acting are great all around, which is enough to help the viewer stay glued to their character once again or for the first time. While it’s highly recommended you watch the previous seasons before the new season, it’s not necessary.

A good start to the long overdue 'Prison Break' revival that should leave fans in for a good treat. 'Prison Break' Season 5 is up to a good start, earning my 4/5 star rating. An advice to the newcomers kindly go and get the previous seasons, in order to catch up with the new season. To the old viewers sit tight and get ready for more mind-blowing episodes.