'Terminator' Franchise set to make an Earth-Shaking Announcement This Year

16:27 03/29/2017 Nichole Leslie for movietube

If you thought you had seen the last of the 'Terminator' franchise, well think again. According to the producer David Ellison, a major announcement is coming that will most likely surprise everyone. To the 'Terminator' franchise lovers, this is a welcome move. Many are saying the move is long overdue. 

David Ellison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dana Goldberg and Alan Taylor attend the European premiere of Terminator Genisys on June 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

The latest trend of past movies coming back as movie series is fast taking hold in Hollywood. The success of series movies is driving movie franchise to consider venturing in mega productions to continue the storyline. 

Other notable successes include the transporter, Shooter, Transformers and flash movies. In both cases, the movies brought a new perspective to their earlier movies to make it more fun and attractive. Fans are in love with the ideas producers bring when they give previously produced movies new storylines and creates enthusiasm. 

Take a case example of the 'Shooter'. The movie has been produced three times with the series installation being the fourth. However, the 2016 series has attracted huge following globally. Consequently, the storyline has been improved to make it better and give it diversity. 

The 'Transformers' movie still has a huge following. Improvements made have seen its popularity double. Producers should always focus on adding their plot to make it more inclusive of other options. This gives it value and an opportunity for exploration. 

'Terminator: Genesis' performed less than expectation. The 2015 movie starring Emilia Clark and Arnold Schwarzenegger did not meet the standards set and the hype it created before release. Many films face this problem. Once a movie is announced, fans set expectations that piles pressure on the actors and producers to meet. However, the announcement of a new beginning for the Terminator movie is a welcome approach. James Cameroon will possibly direct it and bring new ideas and character development. The film will advance from the T2 where the last Terminator movie explored last. 

The original director of 'The Terminator' (1984) James Cameron asked and got to officially endorse this film. He says he loved this so much, he personally considers this the official third film in the franchise

From the information already given by director David Ellison, this is a perfect chance for a 'Terminator' reboot. The franchise will un-write all the areas they did wrong and fulfill the expectations of their fan base. 

The most likely scenario is that the movie will improve on its story or plot by trying to bring in new characters and ideas to the Connor storyline. The audience is looking for a new spin on the series and not the T-800. It is said that the focus on T-800 is what led to the failure of the movie to make an impact as expected. 

'Terminator: Genesis' failed to reach the $ 100 million mark, which is one of the worst performances for the franchise. Maybe the long wait has given them a reflection of the events that unfolded and reasons as to why the movie performed poorly. 

The new franchise production will see James Cameron make a return to the franchise alongside 'Deadpool' director Tim Miller. The two will help develop the new film, and hopefully, it will captivate the fans. It will be interesting to know whether Paramount Pictures will remain with the franchise after rumors had surfaced that it intended to ditch it. One thing that will possibly take place is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will not make a comeback this time. His time with the franchise may have come to an end finally. 

James Cameron announced he will return to helm the 6th Terminator film when he regains the rights but Tim Miller is expected to direct the film instead of Cameron, the rights to 'Terminator' will revert back to James Cameron in 2019.

Fans will be waiting to see what will happen next and what new things are going to emerge when the series unveils this year.