Ridley Scott's Plans For Another 'Gladiator' Adventure

12:16 03/17/2017 for movietube

Anything seems possible in Hollywood these days, and Ridley Scott is about to pull another one of those unusual stunts through his supposed plan to rejuvenate the 2000 Award winning movie, 'Gladiator'. The report on the proposed sequel has been making the rounds for a while now, but the question remains, is it really necessary? Give whatever answer you like to that question, that won't change the fact that Ridley Scott seems to have a thought about bringing 'Gladiator' back.

From the outset, Ridley Scott made it quite clear that this 'sword and sandals' movie would not feature any of the genre's clichés of people lounging around eating grapes and drinking from goblets. He intended to create a more realistic vision of ancient Rome

Statements made by Ridley in a recent interview gave the almost unbelievable impression that he knows exactly how to bring Maximus back from the dead or where-ever he may be now. This creates an undesired uncertainty amongst now 'ancient Gladiator fans' because we all witnessed the tragic death of the lead character played by Russel Crowe. The scenario that surrounded Maximus death made sure that we all thought he was dead. A scenario which suggests otherwise is probably up for debate, but if you are imagining how that would be, well... all the best.

Who cares if Maximus dies at the end of Gladiator! All that matters is, if there is a way to bring a hit movie back, someone will do it, after all, it's Hollywood! And there is no better person capable of succeeding at bringing back 'Gladiator' than the original Director, Ridley Scott. Believe it or not, Ridley seems to have the perfect idea on how to bring the much talked about 'Gladiator 2' to our screens in a dramatic fashion.

This is Russell Crowe's favorite of the American films that he has done. He also cites Maximus as his favorite character that he's played so far

Ridley Scott spent the just concluded weekend in Texas, to show off a footage from his upcoming prequel, 'Alien: Covenant', in the just concluded annual SXSW film festival in Austin. 'Entertainment Weekly' managed to squeeze in an interview with him and of course, questions surrounding the sequel to 'Gladiator' came up. If you are thinking Ridley gave up ideas concerning how he intends to bring Maximus back, sorry to disappoint you, he didn't. However, he did admit that he has nursed the idea for 'Gladiator 2' for a while now and he knows how to bring Russell Crowe back.

The idea of a sequel to the 'Gladiator 2' has been heard a few times recently but nothing substantial about such claims has a manifestany way. Scott's statement changes the climate surrounding the rumor and fans are beginning to look forward to another 'Gladiator' adventure. Whether Russell Crowe will return as the lead act, still remains to be seen but Ridley Scott has made it clear that he desires to have Russell back in the lead role. 2000 is long gone and Russell Crowe has undergone some changes; it remains uncertain if 'Gladiator 2' is something he will want to do.

The film had surpassed its $103,000,000 budget within 2 weeks of release

Whether you are excited at the prospect of a possible return of the Gladiator or not, the fact remains that it is a huge possibility and it may also emerge with a controversial storyline. The tragic end and death of the lead character in the first Gladiator, in a unique way, gave the movie a rather unlikely perfect conclusion; it is, however, unclear, what the emergence of Gladiator 2 will do to this perfect ending to a perfect movie.

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