Everything You Need to Know About Wonder Woman Final Trailer

09:22 03/14/2017 Okello Onyango for movietube

Finest Bang! 'Wonder Woman' Final Trailer is Out. In this fresh Justice League superhero film, Director Patty Jenkins will be taking us through the origin story of Diana, Princess of the Amazon and her superhero story. This latest trailer is epic and should have movie fans bracing themselves for an engaging action, drama, and humor when the movie premiers. Will it be a hit? From the trailer, everything suggests it will.

Patty Jenkins is the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist

Diana, Princess of the Amazon (our 'Wonder Woman') first appeared last year in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'. At that time we got to see Diana in an only a few scenes. In 'Wonder Woman' we get to know the full story of her origin, explore her mythical background and how she becomes a superhero trying to save the world.

In the last few weeks, a lot about the movie has been revealed through sneak peeks and interviews. The first sneak peak focused on introducing the audience to Themyscira, Diana's home- an Isolated, mystical Island. The movie is set before the events of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

In the synopsis, we learn that When an American fighter jet crashes on the shores of Themyscira. Diana learns from the pilot of a massive conflict that is threatening world peace. Diana leaves home and sets out to redeem the world from war. Fighting with a man in this war, Diana discovers her full powers and identifies her true destiny.

This final trailer is appealing and does a lot in expounding on the story than the previous previews. It shows the main character - Diana, played by Gal Gadot, determined and defies challenges to ending up being the fiercest warrior in her quest to salvage the world- Wonder Woman.
In the final trailer, the action moves to the battlefields of Europe. Diana is welcomed to London by Chris Pine - Steve Trevor. London has depicted as 'jolly old London' a wretched polluted city a contrast to Themyscira the paradise Island of Diana's childhood. While the trailers depict scenes filled with combat and sober covenants, there are also humorous moments. For Instance, when naive Diana tries to leave a building with a rotating door. It is just hilarious.

In the comics, Batman has called Wonder Woman, 'the best melee fighter in the world'

However, much is not revealed about the villains in this film. All we know is that the world is in war. I guess revealing that would have spoilt the curiosity. We will wait and see June is not that far.
'Wonder Woman' is the first DC superhero movie featuring a woman superhero. She stole the show in 'Batman V Superman' and now we get an opportunity to experience her superhero story. Gal Gadot is perfect in her role as Diana. Gal is also joined and supported by actors Chris Pine and Robert Wright. It is evident from the trailer, Jenkins has employed a brighter color palette and good framing, making this movie stand out from other DCUE. Wonder Woman will be released on June 2.

Wonder Woman' (2017) is the first female dominant superhero film in twelve years since 'Elektra' (2005)