Could 'Lost' be returning to our screens?

09:48 01/25/2017 allan wade for movietube

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004 will be a day we will never forget. The first episode of 'Lost' hit our screens, bringing Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox into our lives. 12 years ago, this program took us under its wing and gripped us until its final episode aired in May 2010. Almost 7 years have passed and yet we still pray that it’ll return to our screens. Netflix has recently put it on their virtual shelves ready for us to relive whenever we miss Hurley and the gang, or if / when we simply want to visualize it again all these years later.

The two-part pilot episode was the most expensive in ABC's history, reportedly costing between $10 million and $14 million. The average pilot is usually in the region of $4 million

Over the years there has been speculation that 'Lost' could return, with Carlton Cuse (executive producer and showrunner) remaining confident that the show will be reborn at some point because it is a valuable franchise. He has said himself that he will play no part when the show finds new life, but with a fan base still going strong 7 years down the line, they must bring 'Lost' back to us.

When the show first aired in the UK on Channel 4, it averaged over 6 million viewers. This made it the most successful debut for a US series on the channel

There have been talks that 'Lost' will be coming back for several years, either as a reboot or a spin-off. It seems like a palpable idea, ABC will indeed boost its ratings and the 'Lost' fans will get what they want so it is a win-win. But the question is, will a 'Lost' revival bring disappointment to the devoted fan base it's picked up over the years? Is the fantasy of a shiny new version of our favorite program better than the reality?

For the last two years, there have been articles in bad taste. April fool’s jokes that have gotten the hopes up of many loyal 'Lost' fans across the globe have angered many of the show’s supporters.

The final scene of the entire series is an almost exact mirror image of the very first scene. The first episode opens with a close-up of an eye-opening, followed by a shot of the sky from the eye's point of view

A new article has risen out of the woodwork over the past week, again getting the hopes up of millions of excited 'Lost' fans. Many of those fans are now asking the question, is 'Lost’ coming back? After researching for what seems like days, and reading articles upon articles to try and bring you the joyful news that it will indeed be returning. I am sorry to say that there are no plans for our beloved show to walk back onto our screens on a Wednesday night.

But I do believe that with shows and films being rejuvenated every year, that sometime in the future 'Lost' will return in one form or another. From what I do know, the plan (if there is a plan) won’t include the likes of Josh Holloway Yunkin Kim but would work best with a new cast and new storyline.

The first episode debuted on ABC with 18.65 million viewers. The second episode attracted 16.33 million viewers

If Disney can reinvent 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Dumbo' (Tim Burton – wait for it...) and 'Mary Poppins', a mini-series can be made from 'Gilmore Girls' 9 years after it last aired and 'Knight Rider' can return to our screens then these are all signs that 'Lost' can be scheduled into our planners sometime in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.