Ryan Reynold's Thoughts And Future Plans

11:40 01/10/2017 sam jimson for movietube

If you've not watched 'Deadpool' yet, what are you waiting for? Trust me, this is one hell of a movie that you simply cannot ignore. This movie brings a whole new meaning to the 'X-Men' universe.

Directed by Tim Miller, 'Deadpool' is a comic-based superhero film and is also the eighth installment of the 'X-Men' film series. Ryan Reynolds portrays Wade Wilson / Deadpool, a witty, amusing, sword-wielding vigilante with the ability to heal himself. Compared to most Marvel characters, Deadpool is by far the most hilarious and unique in terms of character. He has broken the common perception of heroes being stone-faced, macho figures whose main goal is to restore peace, justice and whatever else a hero is known to do.

Reynolds admits having spent 11 years imagining the feeling of walking in Deadpool's shoes. He had already become one with the character by the time he donned the red Spandex-clad. The Marvel film became a commercial success and grossed over $783 million worldwide. The 40-year-old father of two was pleased with the people's acceptance of his role in the movie; 'As long as they would let me play Deadpool, I would love to play Deadpool', Reynolds told Variety.

All through the filming of the movie, Reynolds said in an interview with Variety that Blake Lively, his wife, kept him 'sane'. The high expectations that people had of the movie made him restless and uneasy. 'The expectations were eating me alive', he said. According to GQ, Reynolds was diagnosed with anxiety on completion of the film. 'I consulted a doctor because I felt like I had a neurological problem or something. Each doctor I consulted said the same thing: 'You have anxiety'. He also confessed to having had 'a little bit of a nervous breakdown'. He thanked his wife for her consistent support and said he was lucky to have her around.

The actor also teased to the concept of a standalone 'Deadpool' film with Hugh Jackman (who portrays Wolverine). Unfortunately, Jackman says he's 'hesitating' and is not so keen at the moment. 'I could totally see how that's the perfect fit, but the timing may be wrong'.

Reynold has not ruled out the possibility of a same-sex love interest for the character. He has further stated that countries that are less tolerant of same-sex relationships will not be a potential obstacle. He says this following a ban of the movie in countries such as China. 'We were banned in China. That may not be a problem for us', he noted. Rhett Reese (a screenwriter of the film), backs up Reynold's point of view by stating that most heroes have been found to either be homosexual or heterosexual. He further found that 'interesting and groundbreaking'.

Among the notable achievements of the film is it's nomination into the Golden Globes. The 'Deadpool' star also has a nomination for his notable performance. The future of 'Deadpool' couldn't be any brighter: Double Critics Choice awards, $783 million in the bank, a nomination into the upcoming Golden Globes awards, you name it!

The sequel to the movie is expected to be an, even more, ground breaking hit and of course wittier and hilarious than the first.