Liam Neeson says 'Taken' 4 is not happening

12:42 12/22/2016 Chess Doogles for movietube

'No, there’s not. There’s only so many times your daughter can be taken. Actually, if we do have another, it will be, Please can you take my daughter?'. This is the response given by Liam Neeson when recently asked about the possibility of 'Taken' 4 happening at some point in time. 

In 'Taken I', Bryan kills 35 people in order to get to his daughter

Rumours and speculations started to circulate when the first trailer of NBC television adaptation series of 'Taken' was already released to the public. Liam Neeson, who was the lead star in the trilogy film of Taken, was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on the latter’s show, 'The Late Show'. Neeson was there to promote his upcoming movie, 'A Monster Call', but Colbert found a favorable chance to ask him about the possible fourth entry film of 'Taken'.

Stephen Colbert and guest Liam Neeson during 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' in New York on December 2016

The movie 'Taken', when it was first released, was relatively received by the audience and critics alike. The character of Neeson, Bryan Mills, as a good loving father by saving her daughter from being abducted got mixed reactions by critics but well applauded by the action movie fans. Despite this reviews, the movie 'Taken' topped the billing and made a good positive gross income.

However, the two sequels of 'Taken' obtained negative feedbacks with the sudden change in the character of Bryan Mills by letting her daughter be kidnapped. In the same way, the storyline of 'Taken' was said to be common already as there are many Hollywood movies that had just the same plot. Nevertheless, the two 'Taken' sequels still made a lot of money despite its low budget in making the film. And with the upcoming television series of 'Taken', fans are expecting that Liam Neeson would consider doing another 'Taken' film. But Neeson had already set the records straight. There will be no 'Taken' 4, it is not happening, and it will never happen.

Star Liam Neeson stated on 28th September 2012 that there would not be a 'Taken 3'. In February 2013, he continued with his position saying 'I don't think there'll be a Taken 3. She can't get taken again, that's just bad parenting'

This news may seem so sad especially for the Taken fans. But there are also some who are happy that Neeson will not do Taken 4 anymore for the reason that it will only have the same storyline as the other past three sequels.

In fact, Neeson was just right when he said, 'There’s only so many times your daughter can be taken'. In case that there will be 'Taken' 4, there would be another request for 'Taken 5', 'Taken 6', and so on. The possibility of your daughter being abducted may seem endless. 

But 'Taken' fans need not worry because possibilities are always possibilities unless they already happen. In the industry of film, there are always possibilities. What may not possible today, may still be possible tomorrow. It is just a matter of franchising and a good production. If the last 'Taken' films received mixed of positive and negative criticism but still earned a positive income, it is possible that producers may still consider 'Taken 4' to happen. It may be with Neeson or it may be with some other actor, just like what happened with any other sequel films.