First Trailer for TV Series 'Barry' is out on Netflix

16:00 11/23/2016 Tyson Williams for movietube

Netflix has released a trailer for their all new TV series on Monday. The TV series title 'Barry' follows the life of US president Barack Obama’s life while he is still a student at Columbia University in New York City. The trailer after being launched on Monday has already gained a huge response from people, and several Obama supporters are already extremely excited. The show focuses on the journey of Obama- how he struggled with national conflicts, his ups, and downs as a president, both on a personal and an individual scale. The new show will be premiering on December 16th, 2016, exactly one month later America decides its future president. 

'Barry' will be Devon Terrell's acting debut

The role of President Obama will be played by the newcomer Devon Terrell. He would be portrayed as moving to New York City, enrolling at the Columbia University in the year of 1981, while having a group gathering of some interesting conversation on the way the US is or was. Though the trailer looks pretty interesting, the New York City has been photographed well, and Devon has led the Obama part really well. With the many positive reviews in its stake, the TV series is expected to perform as per the viewer expectations. 

Barack Obama was born to a Kenyan father, Barack Obama Sr., and American mother, Ann Dunham. Both his mother and father used to go to the University of Hawaii as young college students. When Barack Obama Sr. left for Harvard, Obama and his mother stayed behind. Obama father later returned alone to Kenya, his native country and worked as a Government economist. In the meanwhile, Obama’s mother remarried to an Indonesian oil manager and she moved to Jakarta when Barack was still a six-year-old child.

'Barry' is the story of a young man grappling with those same issues that his country, and arguably the world, are still coming to terms with 35 years later

Directed by Vikram Gandhi, the TV series also includes star cast such as Jenna Elfman, Ashley Judd from 'Double Jeopardy', Anya Taylor-Joy from 'The Witch', Ellar Coltrane, who played the lead role of Richard Linklater film 'Boyhood', Jason Mitchell, and Avi Nash. Adam Mansbach is the scriptwriter for the series. 'Barry' is being produced by Cinetic Media and Black Bear Pictures. Ben Stillman, Teddy Schwarzman, Dana O’Keefe, and Gandhi have produced the film. It has been executively produced by Daniel Steinman. Vikram Gandhi has previously worked on a documentary called 'Kumaré', which revolved around an Indian Guru and his popularity in Arizona. 

According to Justin Chang, 'Times' film critic, 'has far less cocksure charisma and is constantly plagued by doubt and worry, anxious about what life and love will bring, and increasingly uncertain about where he fits in, as either an American or a citizen of the world'

In the first trailer, a young Barack Obama tries to figure out himself as a bi-racial man trying to fit into the American lifestyle and fitting his own dream in the grand American dream. Growing up in a racially surrounded and crime centered environment, he finds himself engulfed between maintaining his relationship with his estranged father, Kansas-born mother, his classmates and his various social groups. 

Well, this is not the only project being made on the life of President Barack Obama. There is another project called 'Southside With You', which has been directed by Richard Tanne. It tells the story of the meeting of Obama with his future Wife, Michelle. Starring Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers, it was released in September 2016. 

'Barry' will be released on Netflix on Dec. 16. Watch the teaser below