'American Crime Story' 3 series focus on Gianni Versace murder

11:00 11/14/2016 for movietube

If you are an 'American Crime Story' fan then we have good news for you. Let me introduce you, Ryan Murphy who is well known for his anthology series, the chemistry is, they are not going anywhere and according to deadline a prominent media channel reporting that our all waited 'American Crime story' has been renewed, and they are planning for the third season.

A Much Younger Donatella With Gianni on the runway after a Versace fashion show in 1996 in New York City

It is supported that the new 'American Crime story' fan is named as 'Versace/Cunanan: American Crime Story' and story rotates around the murder of Gianni Versace in 1997. Gianni Versace an iconic designer who was killed at Miami Beach mansion by a serial murderer named Andrew Cunanan, when she was 50 years of age. The murderer was later found died in a houseboat, according to police reports cause of death was suicide but the reason of Andrew Cunanan murder was never disclosed.
To find out about the real story we will have to wait for serial to get on air but let's see who we have got on a cast. And one of the main actors we have Sarah Paulson but let's guess what would be her play in the story? let's wait for her to appear on a screen. The Hollywood Reporter reported that, that the major horrific events will be reenacted on Vulgar Favor, a book written by Vanity Fair’s won Maureen Orth. The best part is Tom Rob Smith is all set to write the very first two episodes and will be writing multiple subsequent episodes. Filming of series will be starting in next spring in Los Angeles and possibly in Miami, and direction for the first episode will be from murphy himself.

After all these reports coming out, the real question is, Katrine started filming yet or not! But the real job is Murphy’s and we know how good he is when it then comes to multitasking when he finished developing a secret season of 'American's Horror Story' side by side.

Gianni Versace with his beloved niece Allegra Beck Versace, Donatella's Versace daughter 

Nina Jacobson, Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Brad Simpson with executive production 'Versace/Cunanan' according to the site, reports are on air that produces are meeting with actors for the title roles. Actress from A-list is in the negotiations to play Donatella Versace.

Lady Gaga will portray fashion designer Donatella Versace in the upcoming third season of the 'American Crime Story'

The distinct figure here is 'Rayan Murphy' who is in air and news about him, more ever, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Its jet-setting party-goers, a bloody tale starring rich, mysterious motivations and high fashion. The most head voice right now on TV for the task of exhuming this grisly crime, it took place in 1997, and anyhow the mystery is Sarah Paulson will be surely played by whom?

Well, the winners of Emmy for 'The People v.O.J.Simpson' the Courtney Bright and Nicole Daniels are back in for Casting Versace/Cunanan. This is not it, because the core of American Crime Story’s production team, Nina Jacobson, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Brad Simpson are all Emmy winners for 'The People v.O.J.Simpson' for the best limited series awards, and executive production Versace/Cunanan alongside the smith.

Versace's designs won him popularity with many celebrities; he dressed Madonna, Elton John and Princess Diana