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Seriously? What's sooner than the very first date of the year? According to BBC reports on their facebook page, 'Sherlock' will soon return after three years,a date slated to be January 1, 2017, in case you are wondering.It's rather sad that fans have to wait a little bit longer until 2017.It feels like a whole century! Season three ended in 2014 although there was a special premier released in 2016. Nevertheless its worth the wait.There is something on offer that will keep your glued to your screen.The first 3 scenes dubbed the 'Six Thatchers', 'Dying detective' and a third anonymous scene will air.

Just recently, Benedict Cumberbatch insinuated to fans in a statement that can be summed up in few simple words.He said that the latest Sherlock episode 'feels like the end of an era'. While fans have to wait probably like forever for episode 5 citing a rather busy movie career together with his co-star, Martin Freeman, 'Sherlock' season 4 is a blockbuster that will quench every thirst and keep the conversations going.

Benedict Cumberbatch poses alongside a bloodhound in this new picture of the fourth series of 'Sherlock'

'It totally goes to a point where it is quite impossible to immediately predict what will happen next'. While the thinking is excessively alarming,making it quite difficult for fans to bear, fortunately we don't need to.Despite everything, we have very captivating scenes left with 'Baker Street detective' and come January,the diversion will brew fresh.

'Sherlock's' seasons are only three episodes long, but since each episode is 90 minutes they effectively feature films

There are numerous answers that episode 4 will reveal.The script writers and movie producers have always indicated that there are sizeable materials from Sherlock Holmes ,'The speckled Band' that are skillfully threaded into this series. According to Huffington post, Mark Gatiss ,who acts a leading role in the series guaranteed that season 4 will soon uncover new pieces of information that are probably unknown to fans. Steven Moffat recommends that every true devotee of Sherlock should read 'The speckled band' to get ready for season 4. Huffingpost, however, denies any connection between the two and dismisses Moffat's views as 'diversionary' and do not reveal the true origin of clues for 'Sherlock' season 4.

Movie fans are naturally worried about what season 4 will contain as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss warned that the series will have desperate things in store. The wicked villains which may top the run down include Toby Jones (Smith Calverton), Andrew Scott (James Moriarty) and credible sources even further uncover if Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson) and Andrew Scott are mystery partners.

Will the series episodes really work? We are used to Benedict's formula for Sherlock; that of ingeniously combining both enlightening and tragic hard truths in a brave and bold way. In the three seasons, the never ending mysteries have kept us edged on our seats. Several questions remain unanswered for example, is James dead or alive? All in all, it will be a wonderful reunion for Sherlock fans since every detail will be taken a notch higher but we need to find out whether there is a real connection with the 'Speckled Band'.

It's not a game anymore Sherlock' season 4 coming soon...

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