'Game of Thrones' season 7

16:41 10/27/2016 Davies Kiplagat for movietube

'Game of Thrones' has dominated HBO for a long period of time. Despite the fact that the series may perhaps be in the dusk of its existence at the moment, audience interest still continues to rise. The hit film has already been reconditioned for Season 7 and there is a significant amount of evidence we know by this time about the coming season that is why we have amassed this informative article looking into the whole lot what we know to this point about 'Game of Thrones' Season 7. Explore all of the enjoyable, exciting and entertaining information we have found concerning Season 7, below.

Photo shooting has been in progress for the past couple days in 'Game of Thrones' with its characters appearing to set off shooting displays for season 7. We have seen some collections of photos a couple of weeks, but there is nothing exciting as the latest image to emerge into our list. We have been able to picture what’s going to turn out, based on the photos that have appeared lately, but we are not assured whether this incident will be filmed on Gaztelugatxe or in a studio situated in Northern Ireland.

The controversial ending resulted to several rumors and speculations that Daenerys will meet Jon Snow in the future when the two reaches Westeros. Though, Clarke revealed that there is nothing said in respect to a likely Daenerys and Jon Snow spectacle.

Major Spoilers
The recent photo that just uploaded on Instagram reveals what’s going to take place. The photo was filmed from a close distance and is unclear but that is obviously a meeting involving Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow going on. Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke have both been filming on the islet. Likewise, it appears that they did film a scene compromising these two top characters, ultimately, for the seventh season.
Deia snapped the photo and was posted on Freefolk subreddit by Redditor Maureen. Without a doubt, this comes out to be Jon and Davos acting in response to a probable dragon fly over. Tyrion and Missandei would not be frightened, as they both are familiar with Dany’s dragons at the moment. In spite of this, if Jon and Davos have never seen living and flying dragons, then this would result in a proper reaction.

Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragon join forces

What’s going to take place?
At the moment, we have two pictures of two characters shooting events together, and thoughtfully, these are the images you may be looking for. They are the photos of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow shooting in concert, on the Dragon stone film. Despite being blurred, you will be able to see what’s happening in a real sense.
The first photo was filmed by Nerea, an Instagram user and was removed after a week, but the shot was re-posted by other Instagram users. The second photo was posted in the same media platform by Redditorkeine fragment. As you set your eyes on the photo, you can see Jon’s autograph man-bun is without a doubt evident in this snapshot, where it wasn’t at first. There is another photo posted again, but Dany does not give an impression to appear in it. This photo is of Davos and Jon hitting the surface, lying while facing the ground, as Tyrion looks up the sky.
The two characters seem to be alone for their meeting, surveying the sea. In this photo, we notice that Daenerys is in the new dark clothing she was seen in before. There have been rumors spreading around for a couple of weeks that these two characters may be uniting to exhibit White Walkers as well as The Cersei and the Crown. Now, we are able to prove that Daenerys and Jon will be performing together in season 7.

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