Aniston's priceless reaction to 'Brangelina' divorce

10:27 09/22/2016 Marija Koji? for movietube

They say that she, who laughs last, laughs the longest, and in the case of the recently announced divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it is definitely Jennifer Aniston who is giggling with amusement, at least a little. After the internet played around with the idea of a divorce between Pitt and Jolie a dozen times over the two years they were officially married, it has recently been announced that the golden couple of Hollywood is now definitely getting a divorce over 'irreconcilable differences', as it says in the official statement. Nowadays, with brand new details on the divorce flooding the internet more and more every minute, people cannot help but wonder what the first former Mrs Pitt must have said over this truly ironic turn of events. According to a source, it was: 'That's karma!', a statement which has seemingly never been more true.

In 2005, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the ones getting a divorce after 5 years of marriage, and it seemed that their irreconcilable difference had a lot to do with Pitt famously falling in love with Jolie on the film set of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. What followed was the battle of two fractions, Team Jolie and Team Aniston, as fans passionately spoke for or against Angelina Jolie and her relationship with Brad Pitt. For years, the internet would go wild if 'Brangelina' and Aniston were set to appear at the same events, but now it seems Pitt will have two ex-wives to avoid come award season. Although the couple seemed happy months prior to the shocking announcement, Pitt and Jolie are now undoubtedly splitting up, as Jolie has officially filed for a divorce.

Shortly following the announcement of the divorce, Twitter happily proclaimed #JusticeforJen, while Aniston memes began trending; mostly featuring her famous 'Friends' character Rachel Green gleefully noting something along the lines of: 'I told you so'. Quite interestingly, this time the memes seem to be on to something, as Aniston apparently guessed long time ago that this power couple would ultimately split up. As reported by an insider, Aniston believed Jolie and Pitt would never last, as Jolie was much too complicated for Pitt, who has always been 'a pretty simple guy'. However, the source continues that 'she never wanted this for them and never wished them this', although, as the insider pursues, Jennifer does feel at least a little satisfied with such an outcome for the pair. It is only understandable, after all.

However, the 47-year old actress did not in fact linger on the divorce news for very long, as she is now married to Justin Theroux and perfectly happy. 11 years after her divorce, it is quite natural that she no longer holds grudges or any negative feelings regarding her marriage and divorce from Pitt. As the insider concludes, Jennifer wishes Brad all the best and 'does not hold on to any negativity' from their marriage. How long will it take for Angelina Jolie to feel the same way over her own marriage and impending divorce from Pitt, remains to be seen.