Agent Carter, the famous American teleseries

About Agent Carter
Based on the character Peggy Carter by Marvel Comics, the television series named Agent Carter has been envisioned. The ABC network airs the series and it is produced by none other than Marvel Television. Carter or Hayley Atwell saw her character to be formed after the launch of the epic Captain America: the first Avenger. It was during the month of May year 2014, the ABC network notified that Agent Carter television series is being developed. The debu occurred on Jan 5th year 2015 where back to back two episodes were showcased.

It was back in the year 1946, when the first season of the television series Agent Carter began. The central character was of Officer Carter or Peggy Carter. She works for the SSR or the Strategic Scientific reserve in the city of New York. But, in between the monotony of her work she also assists Howard Srark. Stark is a big name in the field of scientific research and innovation of modern weaponry and very often gets framed for supplying weapons and deadly things to the wrong people.
Stark’s butler Edwin Jarvis assists him in all his pitfalls and frame ups. They together find out the people behind the criminal acts and helps disposing these weapons off. Carter when she moves in to New York begins to work with Stark. A whole new world opens up to here with a new job, new pals, new house and probably a new love angle.

Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter

News and Speculations
There is news that the television series Agent Carter will be soon launching its Season 2 episodes. Although the launch date is not yet shared, the Marvel comic fans and the Peggy Carter fans eagerly await for the upcoming Season 2 adventures.
In season 1 we saw, Officer Carter in war with the crooks in the series of the Big Apple. In Season 2 fans will see a super spy posing threats to the City of Angels whose responsibility is on Carter to investigate and go to the depth of the matter. Season 2 will be showcasing post the war time period which can be a few months or even a year. There is also no news about the cast in Season 2 except Agent Carters. It is speculated to be comprising of famous people just like Howard Stark in Season 1.

Love interest in Season 1, Peggy was asked out for a drink date on the grand finale by Daniel Sousa. However it was a rain check situation. And hence, there is no speculation what will happen in Season 2. We all are well aware by the Captain America: the first Avenger that Peggy Carter was married and a family in her later life. The real question is who is the lucky guy? Whether Peggy marries the Californian guy or he is just a bad crook under a nice face with a bad intention all are under great speculations. In the spy world both the situations are a very likeable cause to showcase a series of special interest. Eager fans are awaiting the release with its new set of adventure and fights.


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