'Friends' cast reunion on NBC

11:18 01/19/2016 Rising Starz for movietube

The internet recently went abuzz with news that cast from Friends TV series were uniting again, for a forthcoming NBC special program. Though most fans believed there would be an all-out reunion, it was soon revealed that their meeting would be no more than a joined broadcast tribute in honor of director James Burrows. But with fellow actor Matthew Perry missing in action.

Though Matthew wasn’t scheduled for this airing from the beginning, people expressed more concern when he made an appearance on Graham Norton’s chat show looking rather wasted. The 46 yr old has been openly battling substance addiction in the past, which clearly showed on his face and slurry speech as well.

'Friends’ co-director Martha Kauffman will also make an appearance on the NBC special, which is expected to air on February 21st. This short TV feature is expected to highlight the achievements of Burrows, who has been the main man behind a total of 15 successful episodes.

NBC Network president, Bob Greenblatt, pronounced during an interview with Television Critics Association that he hoped all 6 cast members including David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox and  Jennifer Aniston will appear in the 2 hr special. Though as it turns out one will be missing. You can catch the star together again on Sunday from 9 pm.

Friends Cast (Photo: Facebook)

Matthew Perry would not be present since he’s currently in London rehearsing for a play entitled 'The End of Longing,’ which starts official preview on Feb 2 at Playhouse Theater. Marking his first debut as a playwright thespian. However, he may still contribute to a taped video segment though details have not yet been confirmed.

Director Burrows is famed for 'The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break,’ comic sitcom, which showcased one of the most memorable quotes from 'Friends’ that people still remember till today. Reacting to the internet blow-up on a possible reunion, Kauffman admitted she was surprised as to how her show resonated well with audiences despite having ended some time back. She says that her youngest child who is 16 together with friends are just discovering the program on Netflix, and thinking that it’s a totally new tv series. Though this is not actually the case.

Martha was recently questioned whether following this skit a real union would happen in the future, to which she shook her head with a 'no.’ Saying there wasn’t any need for going back to that territory. Further adding that the joy of directing is making a program that has hope and joy in it, but also exploring something different afterwards in order to grow.

Kauffman says that even though the cast from 'Friends’ were fun and thrilling to work with, it was time they went their separate ways after the show was over to further their respective careers. As it stands now, the last time these actors made a full reunion was way back in August 2014, when they appeared on a small interview skit shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Despite these developments fans are still keen to catch a glimpse of the stars on TV again come Sunday Feb 21st.