Xmovies8 - Illegal Streaming Of Movies And TV Shows

Xmovies is an online site which allows users to access and watch hours of paid video content for free. The site is home to hundreds of the latest movies and TV shows. All content can be streamed and viewed directly from the site itself, without needing to be downloaded first. Of course, the option to download is still present if you wish to save a movie or an episode to your device's memory.

Completely Free

The site of 'Xmovies' is so well designed that you may be fooled into believing that it is a legitimate business which operates legally. However, in contrast to its appearance, the site is actually an illegal streaming service that pirates content. This means that the site is completely free to access. You don't need to sign-up or make an account to access ant content on the site. It's really just a few clicks to stream your favorite movies for free.

Some people will find it morally objectionable to watch content on this site as they would be supporting piracy by doing. It's no secret that the site is a haven for pirates and doesn't consider copyright laws in any way. One needs to be careful while accessing this site as getting caught pirating copyrighted material can earn a hefty fine in some places.

Also, do note, like other sites that host free content, this too is supported by ads. It has comparatively fewer ads compared to similar sites. There's still a lot of them, though, and you're likely to encounter several in a typical browsing session. An ad pops open in a browser tab whenever you click to play a video.

User Interface

The site is well designed and easy to use. Links and thumbnails are laid out logically so that even first-time visitors will have no trouble navigating the interface. The site also adapts to smaller screens so you'll have no trouble trying to watch on a tablet or smartphone device. The home screen has a couple of sections laid out one below the other. These sections contain thumbnails of the TV shows and movies that you can watch just by clicking them. There are sections for the latest movies, latest TV show episodes, movie recommendations and movies uploaded by request. There's a search bar on top to take you to your desired content directly. On the top, there are links that will lead you to pages that display only movies or TV series and the most viewed ones.

Available Movies and TV shows

For the most part, the team at 'Xmovies' has spared no effort in making all current movies and TV shows available for free. Recent releases like Marvel's 'Dr. Strange', Disney's 'Moana' and other movies such as 'Arrival' and 'Collateral Beauty' are only a click away on this site. Even the roster of TV series is all up to date with the latest episodes. You won't have any difficulty finding modern shows like 'Flash', 'SuperGirl', 'Arrow', 'Quantico' and the 'Agents of Shield'.

If you're not satisfied with the selection or want to watch something that's not on the site, you can even request a movie or episode. 'Xmovies' made this really easy to do as there's a button right on top that'll help you start the process. Numerous people have requested content in the past that has been duly uploaded. They fulfill requests because if there's a demand for a certain type of content, not only will the requester watch but so will several other site visitors. There's a section on the home page which shows the thumbnails for all the content that's been uploaded on request.

Streaming and Downloading

Most sites offering copyrighted material, such as movies, for free allow you the option of only downloading video files which you can view only after the download completes. This may work well for some but will completely annoy people who want to start watching content immediately. They want the seamless experience of watching on Netflix, without the monthly payments. 'Xmovies' is unique in that it's a site that allows you to stream movies and TV shows in addition to being able to download them. It's a best of both worlds approach that'll work well for anyone.

Should You Use 'Xmovies'?



'Xmovies' provides all the content that streaming services like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Video have. Instead of paying a considerable a monthly stipend for each of these services, you can fulfill your entertainment needs with this site for free. With how easy this site makes piracy, it's hard not to indulge in the practice. To stop yourself and others, it's important that you know the risks and detrimental effects of piracy in the film industry.

We've all been told that piracy is bad for the film industry, but just how bad is it? To answer briefly, it's worse than you'd have ever imagined. Piracy has real world implications and affects the livelihoods of people. Contrary to what most people believe, it is not a victimless crime. It can cost people their jobs, deprive the government of earning through taxes and stifle economic growth. In fact, the Motion Picture Association of America was able to come up with a number that will help you realize the extent of the problem. According to them, piracy in the United States alone costs $20.5 billion annually.

The sheer scale of piracy makes it an impossible force to contend with and one that is very harmful to Hollywood's economy. It's estimated that 40% of American adult's pirate movies. If you include minors, you'll find a shocking 7 in 10 i.e. the majority of Americans pirate films. Each person thinks that they'll not much of a difference to the amount of money that a movie makes. How could a single person or a few people watching a film for free affect a large producer or studio with millions of dollars? As the statistics show, though, it clearly results in lost money. It's just like voting. When several people download copyrighted content for free, it results in huge losses which studios sometimes can't even bear.

Worst of all is how piracy favors some types of mediocre movies to perform well at the ticket counter while stifling superior movies of a different genre. Action movies seem to always can avoid the penalty that piracy inflicts because the public prefers to witness huge scale action set pieces on the big silver screen rather than their little laptop screen at home. Even if a movie is lacking in story and characters, the action alone can convince people that it's worth the price of admission to watch it on the big screen. In contrast, movies of other genres like comedy and drama may perform poorly even if they receive multiple awards and accolades. It's typical behavior to watch the 3D action movie in the theater and come home to a pirated copy of the comedy movie which was released at the same time.

Also, think about all those people who are involved in the film industry. Jobs of makeup artists, cameramen, and set co-ordinators all depend on the success of films. If fewer films are made, they may stand to lose their jobs and livelihoods. They'll be the first to be laid off because of their low position. On the other hand, operators of sites like 'Xmovies' will be making a lot of money for no work other than to host a site with copyrighted content and post movies. By visiting sites like 'Xmovies', you are directly supporting piracy and becoming part of the problem. A problem which pays site owners for content they didn't make while short changing all the hard work of individuals working in film studios and production houses.

Prudential Reasons

I hope that I've been able to sway your opinion and perspective on piracy with my arguments. While I've addressed the issue well from a moral standpoint, it'd be foolish of me to ignore those of you who put your needs above others and see piracy as a necessary evil. In addition to moral reasons, there are several prudential reasons against piracy. Piracy can harm you, as an individual.

Viruses and Malware

The only way to access copyrighted content and download or stream movies for free is to visit illegal sites. Many of these sites claim to have a lot of content but in reality, are complete scams. They'll make you click through numerous ads just so that you can access a dead download link in the end. Even worse, some sites can trick you into unwittingly downloading malware and viruses. Such software can be harmful and damage your device. It could also discreetly steal your personal data without you even knowing that you have any harmful malware on your computer.

It Could Kill Your Favorite Franchise

Piracy deprives studios of the money they should receive for going through the effort of manufacturing a work of art that is called a film. Money that a studio would've made from tickets sold at the box office is lost to illegal downloads. In many cases, a film's earnings determine whether it deserves a sequel or not. Let's not forget that making a sequel requires a lot of funding, a sizeable portion of that coming from the previous film's earnings. Without funding or proper support, studios have to abandon franchises.

In one of the most recent and relevant examples, the sequel to the 2010 superhero film 'Kick-ass', 'Kick-ass 2' performed dismally at the box office. On the flip side, it was one of the most pirated films of 2013. As result, despite the popularity of the franchise, plans for 'Kick-ass 3' had to be dashed because the studio lacked funding.

It Stifles Creativity

Piracy eats into the revenue of the movie industry and makes the pie smaller for everyone. With a smaller pie, producers value earnings over content. They'd prefer action-packed mainstream movies that lack imagination or something different but have every cheap trick which audiences love.

Support for independent filmmakers dwindles as producers would rather support a mainstream blockbuster franchise. With less money, available, you can't blame them for choosing to support a movie that will bring in money for them over something that has less mass appeal. Award winning movies like Twelve Years a Slave will be shelved in favor the next unimaginative sequel in a major franchise like Die Hard or Fast & Furious.

It's Illegal

Piracy is not a petty crime that is let go of with a slap on the wrist. In several places around the world, piracy is treated as a serious offense on par with or exceeding actually thievery in severity. In the USA, the punishments for piracy are severe. Downloading only a few pieces of copyrighted material can earn you up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. If you're a seasoned downloader of illicit copyrighted material, though, the terms could be much harsher. You could be charged with a felony and sent to prison for five years. A fine would also have to be paid. Its amount could climb up to $250,000. Very often, the fine will be set such that you'll be paying double of what you cost your victims.

In a bid to save a few dollars, Piracy could end up costing you a lot more. From an economic standpoint, it's clearly not worth the risk. Getting caught could potentially ruin your life.


Movies aren't that expensive. Any excuse that you make about why you still need to pirate is just that: an excuse. If you can't afford to watch a film then don't. With how low a Netflix subscription goes for these days, any person with even low income should be able to enjoy the benefits of being able to stream content legally.

In fact, I'd argue that a streaming service like Netflix could work out cheaper in the long run. You won't have to waste time closing page after page of ads to get to your desired content. You won't have to repair or restore your computer from a malfunction caused by a virus or malware that you inadvertently downloaded from an illegal site. Best of all, you can rest easy and guilt-free knowing that professionals employed in the film industry are being adequately compensated for their services.