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One of the entertainments provided by the internet includes music and movies uploaded by people who own legal rights over them. The purpose of uploading these movies and music on the internet is publicize the work, create online traffic and of course make money. The film industry is one of the most revenue generating industries not only in the United States but also around the world because according to statistics, many people enjoy watching movies as a hobby and during their leisure time. Speaking or revenue collected from the film industry, statistics done pwC indicates that revenue to be collected from the film industry by 2019 will hit US$104.6 from US$88 in 2015.

Film products come on different varieties of storage such as DVDs VCDs flash disks and so on. Moreover movies are aired on TV stations and shown in cinemas but in some cases they are available on the internet. Therefore, movie accessibility is very high for anyone who wishes to watch a movie. Among all the mentioned means to access movies, online accessibility has been the most rampart of all even though in many developing countries buying them on a DVD is much cheaper and affordable for not many have internet access. This in other word is what is termed as piracy. When you stream movies live from the internet or download movies onto your computer or phone is also piracy in case you didn’t know.

The Source of Piracy

One of the most disturbing question is, how are these movies get pirated and maneuver their way into the market? Well, this all starts from the main production theatre, where the movie is produced. One or a coordinated group of people enter the theatre with recording devices such as cellular phones or video cameras and record the entire session. Afterwards they go with the raw footage and edit it and upload or massively produce copies and begin to sell them even before the real movie is released. The pirated movies are always in bad quality bat they however sell them to make money.

Effects of Piracy

Piracy is no from theft and stealing, although this is a technical method of stealing despite the fact that some of people tend to think or deliberately argue over the fact they know that piracy is theft. When you go to buy a movie from the store, you will definitely pay for it, but when you watch online movies you don’t pay for them but you get the same service as a person who literally bought the same copy from the movie store in that case you have stolen the intellectual property of the filmmakers consequently reducing their profits and increasing their expenditure.

Piracy also affects not only the movie producers but also the economy of the given country. Movie industry creates job opportunities and increases revenue generation but piracy on the other hand reduces job opportunities and revenues. This is because when the level of piracy is high, the movie productions will have lesser money to create jobs for people like costume designers, actors, hairdressers among other professions.

Piracy is one of the most terrible threats on the movie industry which poses the industry to an imminent danger of collapse as this act can lead to the loss of jobs of actors and movie producers for the lack of money to pay them or even pay for their bills. Movies played in theatres are somewhat losing in popularity as a lot of people are opting to watch online movies or download them from the internet.

Despite the fact that piracy has caused gross damages to film industry globally, there are however benefits of watching movies online and these includes watching as many as movies as you want free of charge, watching movies without restriction of time, that is, you can watch at any time of the day or night, online movies provides for different classics that are not found on DVDs and also many of the movies available on the internet have good quality such as HD quality. There are numerous websites on the internet that offer online movies, but a few of the do not support piracy but encourage buying of online movies.
watch32 is one among the few websites available on the internet that offer free movies for movie lovers. This is a site where you are bound to enjoy free unlimited movies. However, on this website you will be required to sign up an account to be able to access the full version of the movies provides on the site. There are numerous movies on watch32 website on different if not almost every category of movies ranging from thriller, animations, drama, biography, action, crime, comedy, fantasy, romance, horror, and science fiction to list only a few.

Online movies are great to watch but caution must be taken while doing so, as this this means disadvantaging someone else’s job. To be human enough, it is advisable to buy these movies online to reverse the mistakes done by those people who only download them for free more especially the hacked or leaked movies before their release into the market. Many websites offer free movies to stream at the same time you are required to pay some amount before downloading the movie. This equals buying them from the store and by doing so you will have no blame on yourself and you will have promoted the movie industry consequently boosted the production of movies and in the end create more job opportunities and increase revenue.

watch32 is one the best websites with free movies but it includes piracy. It is a collective responsibility to reduce the intensity of piracy around the world, everyone has the capacity to fight against piracy in their own countries and not just in the United States. Buying movies from the stores is promoting not only the film industry but one’s own economy.