Pubfilm or Pub Film

The Benefits of Watching Movies Online For Free

Most people are entertained by the many movies that are made each year, mostly regardless of where we see the movie. It could be on TV, in the cinema, online, etc. Many millions of people all over the world watch movies online, mostly for free. Pub film downloading, streaming and watching movies online on sites such as pubfilm is illegal.


Unlimited free films

Most of the websites that offer these movies do so free of charge. Therefore, you can watch and/or download as many movies as you wish to without having to spend a single penny. Since most of us like free stuff, watching and downloading movies for free is the perfect way to get your entertainment; even though it is stealing. Technically, the correct way to watch a movie online would be to buy a license or pay to download the movie you want to watch from a site that is referred to you by the filmâs production company. This is the correct way to watch movies online. Visiting sites like pubfilm and downloading movies for free is basically thievery and it kills the film industry, as we will discuss later on.

2. No time limits on watching/downloading films

By going online for your daily/weekly/monthly movie fix, you are able to watch movies at your own convenience. We all want to do that. Sometimes, paying to see a film at a time specified by the movie theater you will otherwise have to go to is very inconvenient. For this reason, many opt to simply go online and watch their movie of choice. And, the good thing about this is that it can be done at any time of any day of the week.


Basically, the above are the benefits of watching and/or downloading movies online. Of course, there are disadvantages such as exposing your computer or phone to viruses and things like that.

The point is unless you pay for a film or TV show you want to watch (or any other media e.g. eBook you want to read), you are stealing it. So, you may look at the benefits of watching movies online, but you should look at the adverse effects it has on the actors (whether or not they make their tens of millions of dollars) and everyone else involved in the film.

The film industry creates a lot of employment. Not everyone who works on a film makes insane money. Some make very little comparatively, hence why the industry needs every cent it can get. Pirating kills the industry and very soon, if people don't go back to paying for movies, there will be no money to make any. Then what will they do?


Effects of Piracy on the Film Industry

Since the emergence of the digital age, the makers of films and TV shows and songs and books and all other kinds of media have hardly managed to get people to see the true nature of piracy; that it is stealing and those who engage in it should be shame faced about it.

A current study has shown that nearly 30 percent of the population of the UK, for instance, is engages in one form of piracy or another. This may be via streaming movies, TV shows, etc online or via the buying of counterfeit content (such as DVDs). This piracy ends up costing the countries film and music industries in excess of £500m a year. Blockbuster films usually make more than this sum within months of their worldwide release, so it is easy to brush this off as a small amount of money in the grand scheme of things.

Many people perceive that film and music piracy is a victimless crime. However, this is not true. Not every movie and TV show made each year (out of hundreds and hundreds made all over the world) earns the kind of ridiculous money that big blockbusters earn. Whenever someone copies one film from one device to another and/or makes said film available over the internet, he/she reduces the filmâs value in the worldwide market.

This can be especially damaging to those who make independent films, since these people typically spend many, many years coming up with the capital for their film. Each pirated film can be counted as part of a big, big loss.

The effect of film piracy is wont to manifest in a different way and possibly more instantaneously on the independent film industry than it does on the larger film studios. The independent films are wholly dependent on resident distributors in the countries that the films go to, to take the risk and finance the making of a movie before it is actually made. This is the way independent films get their monetary backing.

Members of the IFTA (Independent Film and Television Alliance) usually go to various festivals in film markets such as the American Film Market, Cannes and Berlin to pitch their projects to various available buyers, who then pledge themselves to funding the film, but then go on to claim it when it is completed, hence guaranteeing the lowest amount of payments to the actual maker of the film.

Such pre-sales are then deposited to a bank, where they can be used as security when financing the picture. If there are no secured pre-sales, the bank will not credit the money needed to make the film, and hence the film goes unmade.

Distributors these days cannot take the kinds of risks they took in the past where film making is concerned. The effect of piracy, then, is not that it denies filmmakers âmillionsâ, it is that it takes away a film somewhere in the world that could have otherwise been made down the line.

Every year, a large number of independent movies are extolled and awarded accolades at the Oscars.The Wolf of Wall Street,12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, American Hustle, etc. are just a few examples of films that sought independent financing prior to being made.

It is easy to think that pirating one movie one time hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. This is not true because piracy is the thievery of intellectual property. The value of this property decreases each time a film is pirated. In the long term, the simple solution would be to not make any films and TV shows.

Sites like pubfilm and others should be shut down completely and their owners prosecuted. We should all refrain from downloading and watching âfreeâ movies online because they are not really free. They are stolen.