Movie4k And Movie2k - Why It Is Illegal to Download or Stream Pirated Movies is not a site to download movies such as 'movie2k - movie4k'. The purpose of the '' site is to index movies from the entire Web. Most of these movies are also featured illegally on other sites.

Because watching these movies places an individual on shaky legal ground, '' has placed a conspicuous notice in the sidebar of all its pages stating that while it indexes movies, it does not host them. Thus, it holds no responsibility as to the legality or illegality of the movies which can be found and watched there. Should there be illegally uploaded movies featured there, the responsibility belongs to whichever site the content is hosted on.

Why Downloading or Streaming Pirated Movies is Illegal

It may be illegal to watch a streamed pirated movie such as those on 'movie2k - movie4k', because in some cases courts have decided that saving even a temporary copy of a movie on your computer is a violation of copyright laws. In an attempt to avoid legal issues, many streaming sites have opted to make a temporary copy of the content you will view on your computer or to delete the content as it is streamed.

Over the past 10 to 15 years' movie piracy has become an increasingly difficult problem than it was ever imagined it would be. Actually, a study from Columbia University which came out recently stated that at least 45% of US citizens pirate movies regularly, but that number rises substantially to 70% if you average in the younger demographics.

While pirating, movies is being done more with each passing year, by sites such as movie2k-movie4k, most people do it without really considering the costs to the movie industry.

Piracy Damages Movie Industry

Remember the text which appears at the start of movies which states, 'Piracy is not a victimless crime'. Well this is a total truth. Indeed, piracy has severely hurt the movie industry and consequences are bigger than anyone could have anticipated.

Where Do Pirated, Movies Come From?

The ways in which people pirate movies such as is done at 'movie2k'- movie4k', vary considerably. One of the most common ways is by what is called "leaking" them. Basically, a person takes a camera or cell phone into a movie theater and records the movie as they are watching it. This normally results in a poor-quality recording, but there are plenty of people who will still download these movies because it is cheaper than going to the theater to see a movie.

Often these leaks take place even before the movie is premiered, because movies are frequently given a special premier before they debut on opening night. This type of piracy is called a pre-release, and these movies can cause a 19% drop in the amount of money a movie makes at the Box Office.

Another way movies are pirated like at movie2k-movie4k, is when they are digitally hacked. With the vast and almost constant improvement in technology, this way has risen in use and will most likely continue to do so.

Digital hacking is when someone digitally cracks into either the studio's or the company's computer system and simply takes the movie from their files. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that this would definitely decrease the Box Office revenue of the movie even more than in-theater recording of the movie does.

What Is the Effect of Pirating?



In the mind of the average person pirating isn't all that big a deal when compared to other more serious crimes, such as murder. They really believe that pirating costs the movie industry only a small amount of money, and what the heck, the studios have more than enough money anyway. So sites like 'movie2k - movie4k' are rarely challenged.

The Motion Picture Association of America found that piracy costs $20.5 billion annually here in the US alone. There was even a study done in 2005 which estimated that if piracy decreased just 10% worldwide, counting both film and music, over four years it would result in 1.5 million more jobs being available, $64 billion in taxes and $400 billion in economic growth.

The Effect on the Average Person's Movie Viewing

Less money coming in from the studios will frequently serve to decrease the quality of future movies and sequels, but will be felt more in the decrease in the number of movies produced. Movie studios and production companies are ultimately concerned with how much a movie makes in theaters.

Frequently piracy of a film will like at 'movie2k - movie4k' also result in less likelihood of a franchise sequel being produced as well.

New Movies Not Franchises

Movies created by independent filmmakers are a target as well. Because of the rise in film piracy, movie studios and production companies are far less apt to loan money to an independent filmmaker. That has led to less creativity in the movies.


Let's talk about another aspect of film piracy. While there's no doubt that the financial loss from piracy sites is a heavy blow to the filmmakers and studios, we often forget that the economy also is affected by piracy.

If there were less pirating, studios would make more money, which in turn would result in more movies being made, thus employing more people such as actors, hairdressers, costume designers, etc. This would result in more tax money for the US economy.

Stealing or Not?

It's not unusual for people to claim that piracy is not illegal because technically they aren't stealing anything. Wrong! Although they are not physically wresting anything away from someone, they are stealing intellectual property.

Thus, downloading a film online is just as bad as stealing a movie from a store. When you pirate a film, you are in effect, stealing the money that you would have paid if you had watched the movie legally.

How Can Piracy Be Stopped?

Put simply, if you do not wish to pay to watch a film legally, then you do not get to watch it. People must police themselves and stop pirating movies or viewing them online.

Helping the Film Industry

Filmmakers are losing their jobs and movie theaters are now more apt to show low quality films due to sites like movie2k-movie4k. If you want to aid the film industry, it isn't enough to just not pirate movies, or refuse to watch them, it also involves motivating yourself to go to a theater and watch these movies.

It is high time that people stopped pirating films and stopped devising excuses for watching a movie illegally online. Film is intellectual property protected by the law. Respect it.

'Popcorn Time'

This is an application devised back in 2014 by a team of international programmers. This application makes free online streaming of movies and television shows a breeze using BitTorrent file sharing protocols. Over time, the app's popularity has soared mainly because of its higher-quality interface and streams, far superior to those found on a great many piracy sites.

Feeling nervous, the entertainment industry is currently studying the application and looking into the increasing number of piracy sites in general, which it has been stated now compose about 24% of global Internet traffic.

What makes the application impossible for US copyright laws to shut down is that it doesn't host pirated content. Instead, it supplies free access to online streams and its creators have no desire for commercial gain.

In fact, they don't make any profits nor do they have incoming money of any sort. Their work has been done on their own dime, and do not put any advertisements, additional software or subscriptions on their site.

While that's all well and good, the fact remains that if people are to be expected to invest in the creation of films, but the copyright owner cannot either control streaming or receive any revenue from it, ultimately there will be a powerful effect on the content creator's capacity to get a return on their costly investment.

Fighting Online Piracy

Around 150 million users are taking advantage of BitTorrent, the world's number one protocol for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing over the Internet. Now of course all of these people aren't handling copyright-infringed content, but it's important to point out that this is the platform that allows them to do so for free. How many sites there are like movie2k-movie4k which use other methods, is a good question.

To protect their exclusive rights to their creative work, filmmakers, musicians, and various other artists are now asking for assistance from influential and legal, infrastructure companies like Internet service providers, search engines, and credit card processors to make life harder for piracy sites by making it difficult for them to operate and process transactions.

Also, content owners, like the motion picture studios, are seeking the assistance of law enforcement agencies like the US Department of Homeland Security Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) or the FBI to track down and take legal action against known offenders.

The Copyright Alert System is taking a proactive initiative by seeking the help of ISPs to track down content piracy. The way it works is that if content owners happen to see their movies, music, TV shows, or other copyrighted material being shared on P2P networks without their permission, this new system gives them the capability to let the ISP involved know the Internet protocol (IP) addresses of those individuals who are doing this. Then, the ISP informs the persons with that IP address to stop the illegal behavior.

However, the Copyright Alert System affects only peer-to-peer file sharing, not 'cyber lockers' which host illegal content and supply links that it can be streamed from.

Legislative and Voluntary Piracy Enforcement

Of late legislative attempts to hamper online copyright infringement have not meet with much success, because those opposing the measures are concerned that certain copyright protection laws would place too much power in the hands of ISPs, law enforcement, and others to limit access to entire Internet domains when the copyright infringement was only discovered on a single blog or webpage.

Furthermore, there is a concern that enabling search engines to delete domain names could lead to powerful Internet censorship.

In the wake of legislative failures, search engines have volunteered to eliminate links to pirated content, and ISPs and large networks have attempted stricter enforcement of certain standards, like banning advertising on sites that are taking part in piracy. Even credit card processors have volunteered not to process payments if sites sell infringed materials.


One of the arguments people who watch pirated films from sites like movie2k-movie4k use to explain their actions is that they can't afford to go to the movies because nowadays the price of a movie ticket is over the top. A night out for a couple can be expensive enough on it's own without including one's children in the mix. Then things really get bad.

This may be true, but the simple fact of the matter is that what is true for most things in life applies to the movie industry as well. If you can't afford to buy something, then you just have to go without. No one tells you to go out and steal food if you are hungry, or to steal clothes if you want a new outfit. The same rules apply to movies.

It's a sad fact of today's society that people tend to want to do everything the easy way, and while pirating movies is not stealing in the same way that walking into a store and shoplifting is, it is still getting something for nothing that you aren't supposed to have. How this is accomplished is a mere technicality. The bottom line is still the same. You are stealing.

If we as a country fail to do something to stem the flood of pirated movies now readily available on the Internet, then ultimately the American economy will pay the price. While it's true that the film industry is extremely wealthy, if more and more online sites are permitted to get away with pirating movies -- outright theft -- which they make no effort to cover up, then the future looks grim for the filmmaking industry. That in turn will serve to put a huge damper on the economy of the whole US.

In view of this fact, and the freedom sites like 'movie2k - movie4k' have to commit their piracy, that is more than reason enough to make every effort possible to curb online copyright infringement through movie piracy.