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The Cold Front (2016)

Sasha and Ilya, a bored young couple on a verge of breakup, are spending a New Years Eve at a secluded beach house in Northern France then a carcass of an unidentified creature is washed ashore nearby. Later that day on his way back from a local bar Ilya meets Masha, a lost Russian girl, who seems to have gotten off the train at the wrong station and has nowhere to spend the night.

Release Date:
Rated: 4.30 (based on 4 votes)
Status: Released
Production Companies : «Arena»,Hype Film,Ink Film
Production Countries : France,Russia

Every Monster Needs a Home

Spoken Languages: Pусский
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The Cold Front (2016) Movie Cast

Darya Charusha as SashaDarya Charusha as SashaDarya Charusha as Sasha
Svetlana Ustinova as LozinskayaSvetlana Ustinova as LozinskayaSvetlana Ustinova as Lozinskaya

The Cold Front (2016) Movie Crew

Story - Svetlana UstinovaStory - Svetlana UstinovaStory - Svetlana Ustinova
Story - Darya CharushaStory - Darya CharushaStory - Darya Charusha

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