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Kate Beckinsale is back in her role as the fiery battle-hardened vampire in the 'Underworld' series. She will be starring opposite Theo James in the upcoming action horror film 'Underworld: Blood Wars'. The English-born Theo James returns to take his role David that he played in 2012's 'Underworld: Awakening'.

A sequel to 'Underworld: Awakening'

'Underworld: Blood Wars' is a sequel to the 'Underworld: Awakening' film and the fifth installment in the 'Underworld' franchise. The American film franchise has in the past produced four high grossing films namely 'Underworld', 'Underworld: Evolution', 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans', and 'Underworld: Awakening'. Its first movie, Underworld, was produced in 2003.

English actress Kate Beckinsale has appeared as the lead cast in all 'Underworld' films. She mostly stars as a savage vampire unafraid to take on whatever foe or threat that comes her way.

Reboot turned installment

Lakeshore Entertainment announced plans to come up with a reboot of the Underworld series on August 27, 2014. It however later emerged that the film they had produced was, in fact, a fifth installment of the franchise and not a reboot as it had initially been intended to be. It was further revealed that the film had been named 'Underworld: Next Generation' and that it had Theo James and Kate Beckinsale as the lead cast.

'Underworld 5' Begins Filming in Prague

The first female director

The upcoming film is bringing with it a newness, that of being the first film of the franchise to be directed by a female. 'Underworld: Blood Wars' has been directed by Anna Foerster. Foerster is a German-born U.S film professional who has spent the better part of her film career working as a cinematographer and a visual effects artist. She made her debut in feature film directing with the upcoming 'Underworld: Blood Wars'.

Foerster has over the years worked in collaboration with German film director Roland Emmerich who his famed for his disaster-themed films. She has worked in different capacities in all the films produced by the German filmmaker ever since 1996 with the only exclusion being 2000's The Patriot. The German-American film woman has cinematographer credits in films such as 'Alien: Resurrection', 'Johnson Family Vacation', and 'The Day After Tomorrow' among others. Her visual arts work on the film on its part includes 'Independence Day' and 'Pitch Black' among others.

Anna Foerster, Theo James and Kate Beckinsale attend the 'Underworld' Photo Call at Jacob Javits Center on October 2016 in New York City

'Underworld: Blood Wars' plot

Being a sequel to 2012's 'Underworld: Awakening', the film picks up from where its predecessor ended. In 'Underworld: Blood Wars', Selene (Kate Beckinsale) carries on with her battle against the Lycans and the Vampire side that had betrayed her earlier on. The Lycans and the Vampire side are both keen on drinking Selene and her daughter's blood to help them evolve into Vampire-Corvinus hybrids. Selene must then take quick action. She, first of all, hides her daughter in a safe place and then joins David (Theo James) and David's father Thomas (Charles Dance). Together, the trio attempts to bring the long term war between the Lycan clan and the Vampires to an end. It's a fierce battle that puts Selene's life on the line but she ventures into it anyway.

It was originally thought that this was Kate Beckinsale's last movie playing the character Selene, but Len Wiseman has confirmed a sixth movie is in development with Beckinsale reprising her character

A summary of 'Underworld: Awakening'

For those who haven't watched 'Underworld: Blood Wars' predecessor 'Underworld: Awakening', it's important to first of all grasp some of the key events which took place in the previous film in order to understand the new film well when it comes along.

'Underworld: Awakening' is partly set in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 'Underworld: Awakening', it has come to the attention of the government and the public at large that there are vampires and Lycans existing in their land. Following this crucial discovery, the government orders a scientific study to help reveal the ways of these supernatural beings. This study soon progresses into an all-genocide war declared against the Lycans and the vampires. In the event of the crackdown, Selene is arrested and locked up in a cryogenic suspension prison. Selene manages to escape from her freezing dugout and links up with David. Together they fight off the Lycans and seek to protect Selene's daughter Eve from the Lycan clan who want to drink her blood and transform into hybrid beings with the aid of her DNA. David and Selene also train some Death Dealers to fight off the humans who want to put vampires into extinction.

'Underworld: Blood Wars'

As the heroine in the upcoming action horror movie, Kate Beckinsale has worked closely with her ex-husband Len Wiseman who serves as the film's producer. Wiseman directed the first and the second installments of the 'Underworld' franchise.

Beckinsale is joined on set by 'The Divergent Series' actor Theo James who reprises his role as David, a hybrid vampire and an ally and protégé of Death Dealer and hybrid vampire Selene.

The set of 'Underworld: Blood Wars' seems to be an English affair as Beckinsale and James are joined by six other film stars who call England home. These include Tobias Menzies who stars as a Lycan leader called Marius, Lara Pulver (Semira) who is the main female antagonist, Charles Dance who acts as David's father, Bradley James who appears as a villain, James Faulkner who features as a Vampire elder, and Daisy Head who plays a character called Alexia.

Another star in the upcoming film is Trent Garett who replaces Scott Speedman to play the role of Michael Corvin, a hybrid vampire who doubles up as Selene's lover. Other casts include Peter Andersson, Oliver Stark, and Brian Caspe.

'In Underworld: Awakening', David became Selene’s vampire ally as she united with her daughter and sought out the hybrid Michael Corvin

'Underworld: Blood Wars' crew

The team that has been working on 'Underworld: Blood Wars' comprises of the following individuals:

Director: Anna Foerster

Producers: Len Wiseman, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, David Kern, and Richard Wright

Screenplay: Cory Goodman

Character creation: Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride, and Len Wiseman

Cinematography: Karl Walters Lindenlaub

Editor: Peter Amundson

Music: Michael Wandmacher

The upcoming film has been produced by Lakeshore Entertainment in partnership with Sketch Films. It will be distributed by Screen Gems.

Underworld: Blood Wars release date

The upcoming action horror film will officially hit the theater and television screens on 6 January 2017.

About the actors

It seems like action movies are Kate Beckinsale's comfort ground. Ever since starring in 'Underworld' in 2003, the mother of one has never looked back. She has gone ahead and starred in other major action projects such as Van Helsing, Whiteout, Contraband, and Total Recall. It is these projects that she is mostly known for nowadays even though she has starred in other projects here and there.

Beckinsale and her ex-husband Len Wiseman divorced this year after about 12 years of marriage. The two met and fell in love on the set of Underworld. Beckinsale had previously been in a longtime relationship with Welsh actor Michael Sheen with whom she had her daughter and only child.

Len Wiseman and  Kate Beckinsale on the set of 'Underworld'

Coming to Theo James, 2016 seems to be a year filled with good tidings for the 31-year-old as he is also on another huge project, 'War on Everyone'. The screen sensation has meanwhile been shown on all the three trailers which have been released for the upcoming movie 'Underworld: Blood Wars'. Fans, as well as critics of the Oxford native, will have to wait until January to see how he fairs in his latest work.

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