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'Baywatch' is an action comedy movie that is to be released on May 19, 2017. The film is based on an earlier series of the same name. Among others, the movie will feature Dwayne Johnson, Zac Effron and Alexandria Daddario. Baywatch is directed by Seth Gordon and produced by Ivan Reitman, Ali Bell and among others. The film will be released and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Red bathing suits and hot bodies coming to the big screen 


A new hotshot lifeguards head butts with a veteran famous lifeguard Mitch Buchannon. Mitch is the head lifeguard of 'Baywatch', in Miami. At first, the Bay is like any other Bay. People are sunbathing, swimming, skiing or just walking around. Mitch and the new lifeguard are still unable to get along. The real action begins when a mysterious activity happens in a local club. Soon the lifeguards realize that a rich tycoon is planning to destroy the beach. This scandal unites Mitch Buchannon and his enemy in a fight  against the common enemy.

Zac Effron shared backstage photo on his Instagram account


The main character in 'Baywatch' is Mitch Buchannon. This character is played by Dwayne Johnson. Mitch Buchannon is a huge tough lifeguard with a sense of humor and who loves people. It is because of this that he is popular among other lifeguards, as well as visitors to Miami Beach. He is the leader of Baywatch in Miami. Mad Brody, played by Zac Effron, is a much younger lifeguard who disagrees with his boss from the word go. Effron is in love with Summer Quinn, a fellow lifeguard at 'Baywatch'. Other actors and their respective roles are:

Alexandra Daddario as Summer Quinn

Kelly Rohrbach as C.J. Parker

Jon Bass as Ronnie

Ilfenesh Hadera as Stephanie Holden

Priyanka Chopra as Victoria Leeds

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Garner Ellerbee

The main character Mitch Buchannon played by Dwayne Jonhson poses with old Mitch Buchannon David Hasselhoff

'Baywatch' follows series of the same name. The series was a drama action while the movie is comedy action. A few characters in the series will be replayed in the 2017 movie. The actors taking new roles will be quite different from those who starred in the series. The series was aired between 1989 and 2001 and had a total of 11 seasons and 242 episodes.

David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Parker Stevenson, Erika Eleniak, Peter Phelps and Carmen Electra starring at the first 'Baywatch'

Preparation for production of Baywatch

Production of the movie, 'Baywatch', begun in February 2016. However, ideas for the movie were conceived quite early. The first bit of news about production of 'Baywatch' came out in September 2012. This was eleven years after the last episode of the 'Baywatch' series. The announcement was that Robert Ben Grant, the co-creator and star of 'Reno 911!', will be directing a for Paramount Pictures a version of 'Baywatch' series.


Kelly Rohrbach in Red Swimsuit on the set of 'Baywatch' in Miami, March 2016

This was sought of an empty promise because there was no single script ready for production. It was all an idea that probably was meant to gauge the reaction of 'Baywatch' series fans' to a new but similar movie. The series had enjoyed a lot of fame. It was action packed with each episode presenting something new and interesting to the fans. After running for years, there were not many scripts left for 'Baywatch' series and the show was canceled. The announcement of a film to, you could say, summarize 'Baywatch', was something that would resound well with fans. 

Producers received news of excitement fans had for probably the final 'Baywatch' show with interest. There was now some determination to produce a film. A year after the curt announcement, a scriptwriter, Justin Malen, was hired to rewrite the whole 'Baywatch' series into a single movie. This means that his script would display the general purpose of 'Baywatch' and use settings and characters of the series. 

Dwayne Johnson Confirms Pamela Anderson for 'Baywatch' Movie with this photo on Instagram

The same year, Dwayne Johnson was drafted to play the lead role of Mitch Buchannon in the movie. Johnson ended up contributing to the movie more than just his character role. He and Dany Garcia would engage their movie production company, the Seven Bucks Production, into producing 'Baywatch'. The another production company engaged in production was Montecito Picture Company. The two would work hand in hand with producer Beau Flynn. Mark Swift and Damian Shannon made a final script from Justin Malen's 'Baywatch' series rewrite. By now, it had been decided that the movie would incorporate comedy into action, rather than be a drama action film like its predecessor. 

Further development of production came about in August 2015 when Zac Effron signed in to play the role of Mark Broddy. In the same year, another producer called Ivan Reitman joined Beau Flynn and Johnson's Seven Bucks Production in making the movie. Female actresses had not been drafted to play the lead the role of Summer Quinn.

Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson was spotted filming some Malibu beach scenes in Savannah, Georgia February 2016

Short-listing of the role of Summer Quinn was completed in November 2015. Those expected to audition for the role included Alexandria Daddario, Denyse Tontz, Alexandra Shipp, Nina Dobrev, Shelley Hennig, Bianca A. Santos, and Ashley Benson. The short-listed names were published in Deadline Hollywood, an online magazine that writes entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Nine days after the publication, Alexandria Daddario was confirmed as the actor to play the lead role. Dwayne Johnson did the announcement.

Preparation for final production was now moving fast. At first, it took very long to move one step to another. Now things were moving faster. In January 2016, just two months after first major auditions, another actor was added to the cast. This was Kelly Rohrbach taking the role of C.J Parker.

Almost immediately, the screenplay was made out of the script. This screenplay was written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, the people who wrote the comedy action script. More producers were brought on board. These were Gregory Bonann, Michael Bark and Douglass Schwartz. They joined Beau Flynn and his team of producers. The rest of the remaining cast joined movie production between January 2016 and March of 2016.

Several photos of preproduction preparation are making rounds on the internet. Paramount films, the chief distributor of the movie, has also released several promotional photos of the movie cast. These photos feature the cast posing along the beach where the movie is being produced. The photos give a snapshot of the setting of the movie and the costumes that the actors will be wearing.

The film is majorly produced in Deerfield Beach, in Florida. It will also be short in Georgia, Savannah, Tybee Island and Miami. The Baywatch TV series was based in Malibu, California.


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