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Die-hard fans of the Western genre of movie have been anticipating the updated release of iconic classic 'The Magnificent Seven', which recently hit the box office to critical acclaim and earning respectable profits of more than $35m at box offices in the US. Despite the disappointing performance of several 2016 movie releases, Antoine Fuqua’s remake of the 1960 cult classic 'The Magnificent Seven' bucked the trend by instantly topping the charts on release.

With a super-stellar cast that includes Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Peter Sarsgaard, Haley Bennett and American Horror Story’s Matt Bomer with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke in leading roles, the new 'Magnificent Seven' has considerable clout in the acting department and movie-goers can’t get enough.

There’s a diverse mix of actors in 'The Magnificent Seven' including Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Native American actor Martin Sensmeier and South Korean actor and singer Lee Byung-hun of 'Terminator' fame. Despite falling short of box office projections of $50m, The 'Magnificent Seven' made exceptional returns on release and is the best opening of director Fuqua’s career while also being the third best opening for Washington as lead actor.

For the movie’s studio MG, the successful opening of 'The Magnificent Seven' comes as a relief after its other classic movie remake, Ben Hur, tanked, falling well below projected box office earnings worldwide. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering the movie’s big name case, Seven was made on a significant budget of around $90m and so there’s some way to come before the production becomes profitable.

After getting a fantastic reception from movie-goers, it’s highly likely that 'The Magnificent Seven' will remain at the top of the box office charts for some time. Although Westerns aren’t widely accepted outside the US, it is almost certain that the heavyweight original will garner considerable pull with older audiences. It has been reported that the movie has brought in profits of $5m from South Korea, probably as a result of Byung-hun’s huge popularity in his home country.

What’s the Story Line of 'The Magnificent Seven'?

Emma Cullen enlists the services of a bounty hunter called Chisolm, when her husband is murdered by a vicious gold magnate, Bartholomew Bogue. Because Chilsolm knows that Bogue won’t go anywhere without a fight, he puts together a crew of hustlers and outlaws to secure the town against Bogues’ gun-toting compadres. The motley crew find themselves bound together by their determination to gain revenge for the killing of Emma Cullen’s husband.

With just one week before Bogue’s arrival, Chisolm’s posse – 'The Magnificent Seven' – tutor the town folk on how to defend themselves while they find the best location to welcome Bogue from a vantage point. Each one of Chisolm’s crew has a reason to hate Bogue and they blindly offer their allegiance fueled with a desire for riches and revenge.

The original movie was based on an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s 'Seven Samurai', a 1954 Japanese classic and Fuqua has successfully attempted to fuse together the two previous iterations into a remake with a brand new perspective. The writing is superb, with dialogue that is both highly emotional and downright funny, making the 2016 Magnificent Seven a spectacle of the big screen.

There is the same degree of visual sophistication in 'The Magnificent Seven' has Fuqua’s previous movies and a courageous blend of western imagery and the latest in filmmaking technology that makes this movie extremely compelling.

The A-List Cast makes This Movie a Must-See for 2016

There are so many big names in this movie that it would be easy for characters to get lost in such lofty on-screen interactions. However, although obviously some characters have bigger roles to play than others, Fugua makes sure that each character matters. Washington is stellar as bounty hunter Chisolm whose character serves as the straight man in the movie and is responsible for keeping his crew motivated towards Bogue’s elimination.

Peter Sarsgaard delivers an exceptionally unnerving Bartholomew Bogue who has such steadfast determination that he’s incredibly scary, giving a great dynamic that contrasts at points with the comedic elements of the movie.

The cast are passionate in their performance which is one of the great strengths of 'The Magnificent Seven' and something that is almost tangible when you watch the movie. The actors clearly have fun in their roles and thanks to the cleverly-written characters Fuqua’s Magnificent Seven offers non-stop entertainment.

The Magnificent Seven 2016 Triumphs as a Classic of its Genre

The Magnificent Seven is a gun-slinging tale of lovable rogues who join forces to save the day. The scale of the cast allows numerous interactions on different levels that provide you with a variety of perspectives of post-Civil War America. Each member of Chisolm’s seven has the opportunity to take out a bad guy in typical western style and there are plenty of combat scenes that are slick and adrenalin-fuelled.

Movie critics are agreed that Fuqua has created an entertaining throwback not just to the original 'Magnificent Seven' but also 'Seven Samuari', enhanced with all the spectacle latest movie technology has to offer. The nail-biting suspense and slick shooting choreography make The Magnificent Seven hugely entertaining and a fantastic representative of the western genre.

The meat of The Magnificent Seven is almost certainly in the gun fights which are all extremely well staged. Fuqua has a pedigree of filming intense action sequences and draws inspiration from the superhero genre in his representation of Chisolm’s seven. Each one has a special power of their own to contribute to the team and when they get together; the interaction between them is a delight to watch. It’s as much about the banter between the characters as it is the gun fighting and despite a slightly slow first half, the movie is full on action all the way until the end to compensate.

All-in-all the 2016 version of 'The Magnificent Seven' is a stand-alone success and manages to capture the elements of both its influential sources and combine them into a movie that is compelling viewing from beginning to end. With a cast of this stature and a premise from one of the most popular westerns of all time, 'The Magnificent Seven' is set to remain at the top of the box office charts for some time to come.


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