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The Choice (2016): What we know so far17:56 Jan 29 2016
Queuing up the list of most anticipated movies in 2016, we cannot forget about The Choice. Based on the 2007 novel 'The Choice' by Nicholas Sparks, it will out in theatres on February 5, 2016. The movie is directed by Ross Katz, produced by Theresa Park, …read more
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As the month of romance arrives, there are pretty good movies lined up for the release. Number of movies will be released on a same date, so deciding which one to watch as first day first show can be time consuming. The hopes are high as the trailers have…read more
The Choice: Another Nicholas Sparks' book turning into movie13:26 Feb 15 2016
Nicholas Sparks books, formulaic though they may be, have sometimes turned into big screen gems, 'The Notebook' being case in point. And although Sparks is usually an author critics enjoy lampooning, sometimes he creates solid, genuine moments of the kind…read more
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