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Zoolander 2 is set to make a strong comeback this 2016. This well known American film franchise for comedy film has been directed by comedian Ben Stiller, and the story was written by fellow actor and writer Justin Theroux.


On the Creation of the Script

Justin Theroux after the creation of the film, had been interviewed by GQ about Fashion week and male models, and where he was able to get the controversial character that he wrote for the film. In order to write the script, he had to travel to Paris to perform for the Fashion Week recon, and this enabled him to get inspired. He had a lot of pictures, and had taken notes about enormous ice sculptures that are used on the runway, with water pooling under it. He soon learned that it was not simply just an ice sculpture but is an actual iceberg taken from the Arctic just to get shipped for the Paris runway show. The runway show that he watched was the inspiration for the major parts of the film. The wardrobe and the over the top fur coats and boots was mimicked in the film itself, and the lavish lifestyle of models in the Paris Fashion Runway. Justin Theroux introduces a new character for Zoolander 2. He added Benedict Cumberbatch, this particular character has received mostly negative reviews, especially with some LGBT advocates, and even before the film is even released there had been a lot of calls for boycott. Theroux goes on to explain, that the character has been misunderstood, and that they had been careful with the joke, they used the name All, to specify that the character is neither a man or a woman.

Who will be a part of the movie?

The film is set to make a huge comeback, and will feature stars like Owen Wilson, comedian actor Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz, Kristin Wiig, as well as Fred Armisen. The film producers have made it extra special, by adding feature cameos of musicians like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, as well as Mika. The film was shot in Rome, starting from April to July 2015, and it is set for release on February 12, 2016.

Plot of Zoolander 2

The film revolves around the story of how the most gorgeous musical celebrities in Hollywood are being assassinated, minutes before they are killed, they are modeling the iconic “Blue Steel” look of once famous Derek Zoolander. This led Derek and his long time model friend Hansel Mcdonald to investigate. They have decided to infiltrate the new world of the high fashion industry, in the hopes of putting a stop to the fashion world madness. While another villain named Jacobim Mugatu played by Will Ferrlll, got set free from long time bondage and is now looking for Derek in order to get his revenge.

History of the film

Zoolander has been a long term dream project for Stiller; he expressed the willingness to film it since 2008. They have undergone a series of movie script changes, before being able to film. The first Zoolander, had acquired an immense reputation, and Stiller wanted to do justice for the next one, allowing more time for the completion of the film. In the year of 2010, Justin Theroux, also the one who co-wrote Tropic Thunder, presented his script to Stiller. He was officially hired by Stiller to write and direct the sequel, after several months of consideration Stiller also included his thoughts on the script creation process and co-wrote Zoolander 2. After a year of revisions, Stiller eventually took on the role of director, and on December 17, 2010 on the the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Owen Wilson was quoted saying, that the Zoolander film is most likely to be made, the first title they had come up with is Twolander, but this was not used in the actual film release. The script for the second film was finished in January 2011. Most of the plot of the story was set in Europe, and it will still feature Derek and Hansel. It became totally new world for once famous models, and then Stiller has made Mugatu have a crucial part in the story. They had difficulty putting everything together, despite completing the script in 2011. In the year of 2012, they had to postpone the creation of the film; in 2014 they resumed a supposed reading of the sequel script. In November 20, 2014, Penelope Cruz officially became a cast, and in January 29, 2015 Christine Taylor reprised her major role as Matilda Jeffries. They started filming on February 9, 2015 at Rome’s Cinecitta studios. As part of film promotion, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller appeared as models in the elegant and exclusive Paris Fashion Week, while in character. Fred Armisen, later on joined as cast on April 21, 2015, and the cast began their principal photography on April 7, 2015 and this ended in July 13, 2015.

Film Promotions

There had been various film promotions for the film. The production of Paramount Pictures collaborated Fiat Chryslter Automobiles in order to create Derek Zoolander, as part of their ad campaign for the Fiat500x. In the new film, Matilda will still be a part of the story, but there are no clues that have been released as to what type of relationship they are having, and where they are at the present moment. In the first film, the model hating journalist Matilda, settled down with Derek and had a family with him, and they named their child as Derek Jr. But in the second film, Stiller has managed to make the story even more exciting. Zoolander 2 will feature more cameos, apart from Justin Bieber they have also included appearances from Joe Jonas, Benedict Cumberbatch and there are still other speculations of more cameos of musicians. It is rumored that Katy Perry, while not being in the official trailer of Zoolander 2, will have a role to play. On her social media status, she posted “ Fashun Will Happen 2. 12.16”, and that she is set to appear in a film that she shot in Rome. Katy Perry still refused to discuss specific details about the role, after taking a break from her Prismatic Tour. But it is expected, that it will not just be a simple background cameo, and that it will include more of Katy Perry. After several days, from the Trailer release of Zoolander 2, Katy tagged the movies official Instagram page and used the hashtag Zoolander 2 afterwards for official confirmation that she is part of the film. There had also been rumors, that Jonah Hill was first attached to the film but had to drop out for unknown reasons. Apart from characters played by Penelope Cruz and Kristin Wiig, there are other additional characters in the story. Billy Zane is also revealed to be a part of the much awaited sequel. Ben Stiller’s Instagram shows Billy Zane wearing a blond wig, duplicating the look of the character Hansel played by Owen Wilson. Stiller wrote “Hey Hansel, wouldn’t it be cool if Billy Zane was in Zoolander 2”? And Zane responded as “Yeah, that’d be great”.

Controversial film trailer release

After the release of the trailer, there had been much anticipation, but not everyone was delighted. Some LGBT activist groups have called for boycott for the film. It is said that the LGBT groups were offended by the way a transgender was portrayed in the story. This character in question is named “All” pertaining to Benedict Cumberbatch, and this character is an androgynous super model. In the trailer, there had been specific lines, “Do you have a hot dog or a bun”? And these lines did not sit too well with some people who have watched the trailer. The gender ambiguous character has sparked controversy, and a petition was made online by some fans who found some of the lines transphobic. The writer responded that this was simply a satire; the scene was taken out of context. Theroux, states that he is careful with the jokes that he is writing, the lines were simply taken out of context in the trailer. In order for people to understand what it was all about, he wished that they would watch it first, before they judge it. The petition to boycott the film was able to gather 21,000 signatures online. In the petition, they stated that the character “All”, is an over-the-top cartoonish mockery of an androgyne or non-binary individuals. It was equated that it was the equivalent of using blackface in order to represent a minority. This type of controversy is not new to the film. The first Zoolander, incited numerous allusions to homosexual relationships between Mugatu and assistant Todd or Nathan Lee Graham. Zoolander has been pegged for making fun of marginalized cultures, just like the film released by Adam Sandler titled The Ridiculous Six. Both of the films have been marred by controversy.

What fans can expect in Zoolander 2?

Fans of the first Zoolander, especially the signature move Blue Steel, is sure to love the follow up called Magnum. A new signature look has been created for the new film. In order to increase the hype for the film, Paramount pictures have released a faux commercial that highlights the comedy that fans could expect, in truth it is just a poop joke but this has increased fans anticipation for Zoolander 2. The second film is said to be better, it has been tagged as pure cinematic gold, and the trailer is really funny. Will Ferrel and his antiques increase the comedic impact of the film. Despite of the trailer release, the entire concept of the film remains a mystery, and this is what makes fans anticipate it more. Not only that, the film is guaranteed to provide over the top ridiculous humor. The insane outfits given to Kristen Wiig, make her unrecognizable, and are more than enough to draw the attention of viewers worldwide. In order to better promote the film, Paramount has also released new poster, the main aim is to promote certain “scents”, a perfumes and colognes that are so everywhere they can be seen in every magazine in order to engage more viewers. In order to create more attention for the upcoming film, they have also added a hilarious boob action trailer with Penelope Cruz. The full length trailer for Zoolander 2 was as it should be, uproariously dumb and catchy at the same time. It is an energetic comedy, and the second Zoolander was able to capture the attention of audience just the same, it was able to avoid the forced funny concepts for the story plot. The international trailer for the film was well created, featuring a few jokes about Penelope Cruz’s breast. 

Movie Trivia for Zoolander 2

In the film, the main character, Zoolander was supposed to die, but films like this are made to be funny, and depicting death would be anti climactic. The first idea of the writer Adam McKay for the Zoolander original was to kill off Ben Stiller, but this was never played out. Adam McKay, a long time writing partner of Will Ferrell, considered this gruesome ending as hilarious, but did not push through as this ending would not be fitting, and this would have prevented the creation of the Zoolander 2. In order to continue the life of Zoolander 2, McKay even added the creation of the “Magnum Look”, for an even happier and more comedic story for the second film installation. In the original Zoolander, McKay thought that Stiller should be run over by a train, and then a big build up of music would be released after the Magnum has been unveiled. The train will just hit Stiller’s character, but this idea was eventually scrapped since it is really not funny, death of the character could have limited the story. The producer Scott Rudin, saw a potential for a sequel, and prevented the character from getting killed off and this has turned out to be a really good decision. A lot of effort has been put in the creation of the trailer, and they have made extra efforts in making sure that the sequence where in Owen Wilson throw a remote control, bottle of beer, and tequila at Ben Stiller bearded face will make audience grin. The magic of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson I revived through this film. Their infectious comedic camaraderie has been made alive again through the portrayal of Derek Zoolander and partner Hansel McDonald, two funny and misguided models.

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