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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

A live-action adaptation of Disneys version of the classic \'Beauty and the Beast\' tale of a cursed prince and a beautiful young woman who helps him break the spell.

Release Date:
Rated: 6.63 (based on 534 votes)
Status: Released
Production Companies : Walt Disney Pictures,Mandeville Films
Production Countries : United States of America

Be our guest.

Spoken Languages: English

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Disney has made an incredible live-action reboot of its 'Beauty and the Beast' animated feature. The film's heroine Emma Watson has brought out a quite sterling performance of the lead character Belle, the fairytale's princess. She has succeeded in portraying Belle both as a demure princess and as an empowered young woman who is interested in books and knowledge.

The 'Harry Potter' actress is said to have turned down a 'La La Land' lead in order to work on 'Beauty and the Beast' and other projects. She indeed made the best of everything if her epic performance in the soon to be released fairytale is to go by. It was rumored that Watson and Miles Teller had been cast in Damien Chazelle's Oscar-winning musical and that their roles were later assumed by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Watson on Friday confirmed to SiriusXM that she turned down the 'La La Land' role because she didn't have enough time.

Emma Watson came up with the idea to have her character wear boots in this film, instead of the black flats that Belle wore in the 1991 film. Watson claimed that because her character was going to be an inventor, the first thing that was to go was the flats. And unlike the film, Belle's hair is worn either in a messy bun, or straight down, instead of a ponytail, as well as wearing a few clothes on her blouse, instead of an apron

A feminist approach to the story

Disney's live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' is a bold reimagining of the original fairytale story. It, in particular, takes a more feminist approach compared to the original fairytale and the animated adaptation.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Watson revealed that her character Belle has been given a modern and feminist outlook. She explained that Belle is an inventor in the live-action film and that she wears riding boots and not ballet shoes. Disney princesses are often portrayed wearing ballet shoes to give them a soft and feminine look.

To prepare for the role of Belle, Emma Watson re-watched 'Beauty and the Beast' (1991) and began taking singing classes

The 'Beauty and the Beast' live-action remake is an altogether bold reimagining of the popular fairytale

This isn't the first time that the Belle character has received some empowering changes. Linda Woolverton, the screenwriter for 'Beauty and the Beast's' adapted animated feature, recently told The Guardian how she attempted to empower Belle.

Woolverton was contacted to write the script for the adaptation after Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg read a script she had previously written for a Disney animated adaptation film. She told The Guardian that she deliberately embarked on creating a character that portrays much more than her looks and demeanor.

Woolverton opened the film with a Belle who reads books while running an errand for her parent. She also included a part where Belle was sticking pins on a map in order to show her father a place she wants to visit when he is back home. The scene, however, wasn't included in the end and it was instead replaced with one where Belle is doing some baking. Disney at that point seemingly wasn't ready to have a character who pushes forward the sentimental agenda of female liberation in its adaptation movies.

Disney changing its stance

With the passing of time, Disney seems to have changed its stance on certain sociopolitical matters. To begin with, Disney allowed its new live-action film to take a feminist twist and show an empowered Belle.

Secondly, it allowed an inclusion of an openly gay character that is played by Josh Gad in the new film. Disney has always steered clear of gay contents in its children material. The decision to include Josh's gay character has already Disney several criticisms ahead of the film's release.

Most of the characters in the remake are noticeably different in appearance than their 1991 counterparts

'Beauty and the Beast' cast

'Beauty and the Beast' live-action film is indeed a star-studded movie. Apart from 26-year-old Emma Watson and 'The Wedding Ringer' actor Josh Gad, the film also has 'Downtown Abbey's' Dan Stevens who plays the Beast's role. Renown film stars Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson plays the clock and the teapot respectively while Luke Evans plays the lead antagonist called Gaston. The film also includes other two top actresses, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Audra McDonald.

Other casts in the upcoming film include Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, and Stanley Tucci.

'Beauty and the Beast' crew

Just like the cast, the 'Beauty and the Beast' crew are made up of leading names in the film and television industry. Led by the 'Twilight' series Bill Condon, the crew of the upcoming movie is as follows:

Director: Bill Condon

Producer: Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman

Screenplay: Evan Spiliotopoulos and Stephen Chbosky

Narrator: Hattie Morahan

Music: Alan Menken

Cinematography: Tobias Schliessler

Editor: Virginia Katz

Production company: Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films

Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

'Beauty and the Beast's' plot

The live-action film is based on Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' animated film and 'Beauty and the Beast' fairytale storybook by Jeannie-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. In the story, Belle is taken prisoner by a horrid looking prince. She has been given over to the fearsome prince as a ransom for her father's debt. She has accepted the fate of being the prince's woman because of the love she has for her father.

As a prisoner in the prince's enchanted she is trying her best to settle down and to look beyond the prince's external appearance into his inner qualities. She is at the same time on the lookout for a hunter known as Gaston who is determined to have her as his woman. Gaston is a narcissistic hunter who won't stop at anything to have the beautiful princess for himself.

Luke Evans (Gaston) had to wear fake teeth during filming due to having canines that are longer than normal, which he said would have made Gaston look like a vampire

Release date

'Beauty and the Beast' first premiered on February 23, 2017, at Spencer House in London, UK. It has also had two other premier screenings at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood and at a venue in New York.

Disney is set to release the movie in 3D on March 17, 2017. Promotion of the movie has been heightened ahead of this. The movie's most recent screening in New York City also doubled up as a promotional event. The majority of the live-action film's crew including Emma Watson and Audra McDonald were in attendance. The English actress, later on, attended a children's film event in New York City. She was fondly referred to as a real life Belle owing to a yellow ballgown dress she wore to the event.

Cast and Crew attend the Los Angeles premiere of Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast', March 2017

The 'Beauty and the Beast' live-action film is expected to have a candid reception. Fans loved the animated version of the story and live-action one is mostly likely to take their interest even higher. Disney has lately been working on creating live-action versions of its collection of animated fairytale films.

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Reviewson rottentomatoes

"Beauty and the Beast is certainly adequate holiday entertainment for children and their more indulgent parents... But the film has little of the technical facility, vivid characterization and emotional impact of Disney past."Dave Kehr
"Magic."Cath Clarke
"What you gain in an extra, faked dimension you lose in lively, genuine beauty."Stephen Whitty
"The set pieces are narcotically pleasing, especially the Busby Berkeley-style dancing-kitchenware spectacular, "Be Our Guest," and the romantic ballroom centerpiece that brings Beauty and her Beast together."Lisa Schwarzbaum
"The 3-D pops out to enhance the drama or energy of scenes in which settings are large and integral to the action."Jennie Punter
"Beauty and the Beast is one of the year`s most entertaining films for both adults and children."Gene Siskel
"It is a surprise, in a time of sequels and retreads, that the new film is so fresh and altogether triumphant in its own right."Janet Maslin
"Despite some excessive narrative streamlining, this 1991 release was the best Disney animated feature in years, full of charm and humor."Jonathan Rosenbaum
"A uniquely elegant and entertaining mix of hand-drawn classicism and high-tech innovation."Joe Leydon
"[A] great film..."Richard Roeper
"A sporadically brilliant escape that at times stops to preen and pose, like that he-man lout Gaston."Glenn Lovell

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Cast

Emma Watson as BelleEmma Watson as BelleEmma Watson as Belle
Dan Stevens as Beast / Prince AdamDan Stevens as Beast / Prince AdamDan Stevens as Beast / Prince Adam
Luke Evans as GastonLuke Evans as GastonLuke Evans as Gaston
Kevin Kline as MauriceKevin Kline as MauriceKevin Kline as Maurice
Josh Gad as LeFouJosh Gad as LeFouJosh Gad as LeFou
Ewan McGregor as LumiereEwan McGregor as LumiereEwan McGregor as Lumiere
Stanley Tucci as CadenzaStanley Tucci as CadenzaStanley Tucci as Cadenza
Audra McDonald as WardrobeAudra McDonald as WardrobeAudra McDonald as Wardrobe
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as PlumetteGugu Mbatha-Raw as PlumetteGugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette
Ian McKellen as CogsworthIan McKellen as CogsworthIan McKellen as Cogsworth
Emma Thompson as Mrs. PottsEmma Thompson as Mrs. PottsEmma Thompson as Mrs. Potts
Jolyon Coy as Young MauriceJolyon Coy as Young MauriceJolyon Coy as Young Maurice
Adrian Schiller as Monsieur D'ArqueAdrian Schiller as Monsieur D'ArqueAdrian Schiller as Monsieur D'Arque
Hattie Morahan as AgatheHattie Morahan as AgatheHattie Morahan as Agathe
Sonoya Mizuno as DebutanteSonoya Mizuno as DebutanteSonoya Mizuno as Debutante
Zoe Rainey as Belle's MotherZoe Rainey as Belle's MotherZoe Rainey as Belle's Mother
Henry Garrett as The KingHenry Garrett as The KingHenry Garrett as The King

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Crew

Director - Bill Condon
Screenplay - Stephen ChboskyScreenplay - Stephen ChboskyScreenplay - Stephen Chbosky
Screenstory - Evan SpiliotopoulosScreenstory - Evan SpiliotopoulosScreenstory - Evan Spiliotopoulos
Music - Alan MenkenMusic - Alan MenkenMusic - Alan Menken
Producer - David HobermanProducer - David HobermanProducer - David Hoberman
Construction Coordinator - Malcolm RobertsConstruction Coordinator - Malcolm RobertsConstruction Coordinator - Malcolm Roberts
Costume Design - Jacqueline DurranCostume Design - Jacqueline DurranCostume Design - Jacqueline Durran