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Rachel Mc Adams: Her professional journey and achievements10:34 Jan 29 2016
Rachel Anne Mc Adams is a Canadian actress that is famed for her major roles in several major movies. She was born 37 years ago in London, Canada. She is a graduate in theatre from the York University. She has been active since the year 2001 up to today. …read more
Spotlight wins Best Picture Award10:32 Mar 01 2016
Spotlight took home the biggest prize for the Best Picture at the 88th Oscar Academy Awards. It was nominated for a total of six awards and was the biggest winner in the 88th Academy Awards. Spotlight was nominated this year for Best Original Screenplay, …read more
The surprises in the Oscar winnings 201611:54 Mar 01 2016
In the 88th academy Awards hosted by Chris Rock, it was almost impossible to make a correct prediction. Even as the night progressed, and the Awards given it was still difficult to tell whether some of the predictions would be coming true. Spotlight surpr…read more
Oscars 2016: The moments that won't be forgotten13:15 Mar 08 2016
At the night of the 28th of February, in the movie capital of the world, the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony took place. A night the whole of Hollywood prepares for the better part of the year, the Oscars are transmitted live and watched by almost a billion …read more
Olaf's Frozen Adventure: Disneys First Animated Comic Trailer09:48 Jun 15 2017
Walt Disney just released a new trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a 21 minutes featurette expected to be shown before Coco in November 2017.…read more
Upcoming Movies That Actually Look Great11:00 Jun 10 2017
It is the movie season again. Great pictures are coming to a cinema near you that will keep you glued to your screen. These movies will take you to places that you have never been, broaden your perspective and open your eyes to amazing new wonders while k…read more
'Rough Night': The Wedding Party is Here10:12 May 24 2017
'Rough Night' is due to hit the cinemas on June 16th. Released by Sony Pictures, from the makers of 'Broad City', the movie tells the tale of 5 college girlfriends who reunite in Miami for a bachelorette party…read more
Does 'Star Wars 9' Begin Shooting This Summer?16:27 Apr 11 2017
Along with the most controversial issues in the field of media and entertainment at this date and time, is the breakthrough of the most waited and wanted movie episode of Star Wars…read more
6 Upcoming DC Comics Movies to Watch Out For13:00 Apr 06 2017
In this age of superhero franchises, it is difficult to keep up with all the movies that are hitting our screens on a daily basis…read more
'Avatar 2' Begins Filming in the Fall of 201713:18 Apr 05 2017
Eight years after the arrival of the mega-blockbuster 'Avatar', James Cameron is finally and formally coming over the big screen. Keeping in mind that the sequels of James Cameron's epic blockbuster have been deferred over and over…read more

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