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Gila Baby (2014)

The film is about a man named Bob who needs a large amount of money in order to pay the medical fees for his dads surgery. Bob\'s friend, Roy, decides to lend him a hand by taking the \'easy street\', where both of them end up committing a crime by stealing a stranger\'s car. Both of them get into a bigger trouble when they discover a cute little baby at the back seat of the car that they have stolen.

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Gila Baby (2014) Movie Cast

Beto Kusyairi as Beto Kusyairi as Beto Kusyairi as
Nadiya Nissa as Nadiya Nissa as Nadiya Nissa as
Sharnaaz as Sharnaaz as Sharnaaz as
Adlin Aman Ramlie as Adlin Aman Ramlie as Adlin Aman Ramlie as
Jalil Hamid as Jalil Hamid as Jalil Hamid as

Gila Baby (2014) Movie Crew

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