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Fans of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are sure to enjoy the new upcoming film 'The Nice Guys', set to be released later this year.

The release could not come sooner for Ryan Gosling’s fans, who has stayed away from the limelight after his girlfriend gave birth to their first child. It will be interesting to see if fatherhood has changed the actor’s technique. As always, Crowe is set to be hit, because his performance is always phenomenal. Well, Crowe’s performance is almost always extraordinary. His performance in the terrible thematically incorrect 2014 movie, Noah, was substandard at best; but his new project seems extremely promising. If past awards and nominations are anything to go by, the star power of the two mega stars is bound to ensure that the film is a success. Russel Crow is a successful Oscar winner while Gosling has received two Oscar nominations. Even though there is quite a limited amount of information out there regarding the movie, the released trailer available online shows a lot of promise. Hopefully, the movie will live up to the trailer’s expectations and improve Crowe’s record after his terrible performance in Noah, as well as introduce the new dad back into the industry. 

The new exclusive red band trailer of the Nice Guys dropped, leaving a lot of anticipation from fans. The trailer is three minutes long to contain pure, untainted, comedic dialogue. Adults that like watching good films should ensure that they have set time apart to catch this new hilarious flick. Obviously, the content is not conducive to children, unless one intends to raise a breed of miscreants and troublemakers. For audiences interested in watching an emotional, though provoking film with vital lessons to be learned at the end, this movie is not appropriate at all. Since the trailer is a red band, the language is awful with several cuss words featured. Clearly, the title is ironic. Crowe and Gosling are not nice guys at all. Even though they play the detectives, they are far from upholding the principles of protecting and serving. Interestingly, the trailer includes a shrieking Ryan Gosling crying out in agony, which by far, is one of the best elements of the movie. Crowe’s menacing face is perfect for his character, as he beats people and hangs out with naked mermaids and Elvis impersonators. So far, what’s not to love? Of course, lovers of action movies are bound to enjoy the film, as it has hired over 20 stunt people. The trailer alone already features a scene of a grizzly road accident, several curiously placed guns and beautiful young women with beautiful bodies to draw male audiences. To be honest, most fans will show up simply to watch Crowe’s comedic side, as well as criticize Gosling’s new direction. Fans of Matt Bomer and Kim Basinger are also slated to enjoy the new 2016 flick. 

The movie follows two detectives involved in the process of investigating a missing person’s case in Los angles. Gosling plays the role of an unsuccessful private investigator Holland, who joins forces with a hired enforcer known as Jackson Healy. The personalities of the two characters are quite similar yet remarkably different. The two have to work together in the terrible 70s conditions to find a missing actor in the seedy and dirty streets of LA. In the process, the two characters encounter a porn star, and they uncover a plot that is bound to take down political and influential leaders. Although this plot has been overdone to death, it will be fascinating to observe whether the writers will include twists and turns that will set the movie apart. Like any double trouble detective duo, the relationship starts with difficulties. As is the norm, the investigators do not want to work with one another because they each believe that they are perfectly capable of solving the crime without assistance from anybody else. Cops right? Eventually, as the duo begins to learn each other’s behavior and practices, they merge their super detective abilities to deliver intriguing and funny scenes. 

Early news reports regarding the film’s storyline pegged Jackson Healy as a rookie police officer; however, after the trailer was released about two months ago, it is evident that Crowe’s character is more seasoned and brutal than reported. Before joining forces to solve the crime, the two detectives had interacted earlier, as Healy had delivered a message’ to Holland. Loosely translated in gangster terms, Healy had beaten Holland and given him an injury resulting in a fracture. The 70s atmosphere incorporated in the film makes it worth watching, which makes the movie more bizarre. The banter and comedic elements included in the movie are sure to make the film a sure hit. The writing
and direction are masterful as insanely popular, and talented director Shane Black directs the project. The amount of violence is turned up to levels that should not be incorporated in comedy films, without necessarily losing the impact of the action. In the trailer, a body falls unexpectedly and unrealistically, a component that leaves audiences in stitches. Even after watching the trailer several times, the comedic components exposed so far do not disappoint. 

In June 2014, the production companies Silver Pictures and Waypoint Entertainment announced that Shane Black would co-write and direct the film. Production would be done by Joel Silver, an American film producer responsible for successful action films such as the Lethal Weapons series, the Matrix trilogy and the diehard and predator movies. On September 2014, the film introduced Margaret Qualley and Angourie Rice to the cast. Later on that same month, Matt Bomer joined the cast, while Keith David and Beau Knapp joined fellow actors in October. To play the role of a supreme chief justice with dubious interests, Kim Bassinger joined the cast, making the film star-studded. As people might know, Matt Bomer is well known for his White Collar character for which he received a golden globe nomination. Kim Basinger does not need any introduction, as she has played numerous roles and has won an Academy Award for her role in L.A confidential. If the cast members are anything to go by, the film is going to be worth every penny spent. The principal photography on the project begun on October 27 in Atlanta, with police scenes being shot in Atlanta. The shooting also reportedly took place in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, although information regarding other shooting locations remains sparse. Although the film was set to be released in June 2016, Warner Brothers moved the release date one month early to May 20, 2016.

Shane Black has been a successful screenwriter that has been working for decades, coming up with highly successful films like Lethal Weapon, The long Kiss Goodnight and Iron man 3. Like Ryan Gosling, the writer/producer has been out of commission since his participation in
Ironman 3. Based on the trailer released so far, his role in the co-writing and directing the film is bound to consolidate his title as an extremely talented director in Hollywood. The area of 70s detective movies is a genre that Black is quite familiar with, having directed an investigative script for Lethal Weapon. Black is also very familiar with the private investigate angle as he was part of the critically acclaimed film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Fans of his work will definitely notice familiar elements in the new trailer, and in a way, it mirrors the comedic components incorporated in the successful Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The movie’s release reunites him with his former Lethal Weapons producer, Joel Silver. Fans are excited to see how he will introduce humorous components to the film, having successfully done so in the underrated Ironman franchise. 

Describing the style of the film in an interview late last year, Black claimed the film was rated R and that it was an adventure movie. He described the movie as being a little faced paced, humorous and rough in various scenes. The male characters are all working class people that are not very seasoned in their detective jobs. In this regard, the thriller is not going to a full blown comedy. However, the wit incorporated in various scenes is enough to hook the audiences and deliver a great experience. 

Although most thriller action films have similar endings, it is still unclear as to whether the two featured detectives will triumph in their quest to find a murderer and a few corrupt individuals. Fans of the genre should expect to witness rationality in how the main characters solve crime through their heightened powers of deduction. Like most detective films typically categorized as a sub-genre of crime and film noir, proper gangster movies focus on unsolved crimes, usually the disappearance or the murder of one or two characters. The central character is typically a no-nonsense detective that encounters challenges and tough experiences in the cold and methodical pursuit of a criminal. Most plots feature the cognitive capacity and diligence of the detective as he or she attempts to solve the crime. From the description, it is clear that the Nice Guys film is on point, as it has retained all the traditional elements of gangster movies. Typically, Gosling and Crowe will study the scenes diligently and offer captivating reasons and explanations of the activities leading up to the crime, which forces them to expose finally the identity of the murderer.

In almost 90 percent of gangster films, the villain is always a character that is completely unexpected although sometimes the criminal mastermind ends up being a powerful
government official. From the information that has already been released, the villain will probably be a highly respected politician or a member of the legal system. In this case, it is very likely that Kim Basinger’s character will end up being the villain, which is slightly expected and unexpected at the same time because Basinger’s old characters tend to be less villainous. If the film takes on this direction, one can only hope that the jokes used in the process are funny and new. The movie is set to be suspenseful as the two protagonists struggle with puzzles and evidence in an effort to investigate all possible perspectives. Eventually, Crowe and Gosling will discover indispensable clues and an alibi that exposes the identity of the killer. Intensity, apprehension, and trepidation will be the order of the moment as the two detectives develop a plan to trap the criminal. In the end, audiences will be surprised and impressed at how the two detectives managed to crack the case even when other professional and high-ranking police officers failed. 

As per the costumes of the 70s, the characters will be dressed in clothing that is very reminiscent of the 60s Hippie Movement. Bell-bottoms, flared jeans, shirts with crazy patterns, leather jackets and mustaches are all elements that are bound to be found in the film. Knowing all this, why should anyone make time to watch the movie? The cast members have each proven their worth in Hollywood. It will be incredible to observe how the cast members, as well as their characters jell together especially having won several awards and received a couple of nominations between them; it is evident that this film is no joke. If Black’s past projects are anything to go by, the film will deliver in terms of the thrilling facets, action packed scenes, and humor. In the end, all the fans want is a stellar performance from each of the characters. Fans of Kim Basinger ought to enjoy the film considering that the actress has remained very selective in the projects she undertakes, and so she should be, having worked successfully in Tinsel Town for years. The girls of the film should also introduce a female presence that has long been welcome and needed in the field of gangster movies. It is great to have seasoned actors coming together to create a film that moviegoers will love. Until the movie is released in theaters and our hearts, fans will have to remain content with the single trailer available everywhere online.

The movie is so exciting and enjoyable. I promise you you will never regret the time you have taken to watch this movie.




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