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After failing to create a sequel to 'Smurfs 2', Sony Pictures Animation decided to take a different turn and do a reboot of the second film. Had Sony and its partner Columbia Pictures went ahead to produce Smurfs 3, they would have had to explain the genuine origin of every character. It was therefore thought wise to cancel the sequel film they had been working on and in its place do a reboot.

Back to the reboot film, Smurfs: The Lost Village is a lot more different from the other two films Sony and Columbia released prior to it. To begin with, it takes a different plot, unlike the other two films which follow the plots of the book version of the comedy almost to the letter. Smurfs: The Lost Village is however also based on Belgian author Peyo's Smurfs comic book.

The second difference that the upcoming film has in comparison to the other two films is the style of animation. It has been created using completely computerized animation technology. Sony and Columbia utilized CGI 3D technology to create it.

What can you expect from the upcoming film?

Fans can with no doubt expect something unique and different from the upcoming film. This is because the film is not only taking a different storyline but also trading hands in terms of its creators. Unlike the two preceding animation films which were directed by Raja Gosnell, the new film has been directed by American director Kelly Asbury.

Asbury will most definitely bring a new lease of life to the film. He is a skilled animator and illustrator with solid experience in the animated film industry and the film industry at large. His notable directorial roles include animated films such as Gnomeo & Juliet and Shrek 2 among others. Furthermore, Asbury himself voices one of the characters in the upcoming film. He is also a voice actor on top of all his other credentials.

Fans can also expect some top notch delivery, the film's voice cast includes seasoned voice actors like Ariel Winter and even renowned film stars like Julia Roberts and Michelle Rodriguez.

The film's plot

The new film's story begins at the point where Smurfette comes across a mysterious map. The map is dropped by a creature who bears resemblance to Smurfette while she is within the Forbidden Forest. It is this particular map that leads to several more unfoldings.

Upon receipt of the map, Smurfette rallies her friends Brainy, Clumsy, and Hefty. Together, this trio sets off on a mission to find a mysterious lost village before evil wizard Gargamel can beat them to it. The four friends' journey through the Forbidden Forest is full of action and adventure. It's also at the same time filled with threats and dangers which the foursome must do their best to duck.

All in all, Smurfette and Co's journey through the dark forest leads them to a great discovery. This new discovery is one of the Smurfs world's best held secrets ever since it came to be.

'Smurfs: The Lost Village' cast

Every great animation film needs equally great voice artists to bring its characters to life. Asbury and his team have certainly not failed in this line if their casting decision is to go by. Leading the pack is actress cum singer Demi Lovato who voices none other than the Smurfette character. Voicing a lead character is no mean feat. Asbury and his associates must have believed in the American star enough to trust her with such a huge responsibility. The 24-year-old has previously acted in a number of television films and is best known for having played Angela in the infamous children's program, Barney, And Friends. In terms of voice acting, Lovato as however only starred in two films so far. These include Smurfs: The Lost Village and another 2017 film known as Charming. She voices a character called Lenore in the latter film.

Just like the characters, Lovato had to work closely with her colleagues who play Smurfette's close friends in the story. These include Jack McBrayer who stars as Clumsy, Danny Pudi who plays Brainy, and Joe Manganiello as Hefty.

The film's voicing is also not lacking who is who in the industry. Julia Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper, Ariel Winter, name them, it has them all. Roberts voices a female leader of a Smurfette village known as Smurf pillow whereas Rodriguez voices a female village defender known as Smurf story. On her part, Ellie Kemper voices a character known as Smurfblossom whereas Ariel voices a character called Smurf Lil.

Not to be left behind is the film's director Kelly Asbury. He showed his team the way to go by voicing a character known as Nosey. Like his name suggests, Nosey is a busybody who goes about the Smurfette world inquiring into other people's business.

In addition to the others, another key voice actor in the upcoming film is Mandy Patinkin. The 64-year-old American actor voices an old character known as Papa Smurf. This is a village leader who also doubles up as a wizard. Papa Smurf has previously been voiced by actors such as Mike Reynolds and Don Messick among others.In terms of the villain of the story,

In terms of the villain of the story, the evil wizard Gargamel is voiced by American actor Rainn Wilson. The Seattle-born actor is best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on America's The Office television comedy. He has previously voiced a lead character in the movie Monsters vs Aliens. He seems to be cut out for villain roles as he also voiced major villain known as Gallaxhar in this 2009 film.

Other voice actors in the upcoming film include Gabriel Iglesias, Gordon Ramsey, Jeff Dunham, Tituss Burgess, and Jake Johnson. This five-voice the characters Jokey, Baker, Farmer, Vanity, and Grouchy respectively.

'Smurfs: The Lost Village' crew

Unlike in the case of the director where Sony brought in a new figure, the producer of the upcoming film still remains the same one who produced Smurfs 1 and Smurfs 2. This is none other than Jordan Kerner, a leading American film producer who is known for works such as Miami Rhapsody and When a Man Loves a Woman among others.

'Smurfs: The Lost Village's' production crew looks as follows:

Director: Kelly Asbury

Producers: Jordan Kerner and Mary Ellen Bauder Andrews

Writers: Stacey Harman and Pamela Ribon

Editor: Bret Marnell

Music: Christopher Lennertz

Production company: Sony Pictures Animation and The Kerner Entertainment Company

Distributor: Columbia Pictures

Trailer and release date

A trailer for the upcoming movie was availed in November last year. Concerning the release date, the film is set for release on April 7, 2017.

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