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Olivier, Olivier (1992)

Based on a true story. The story is set on the sweeping French countryside where Serge Duval (François Cluzet), a veterinarian, lives with his wife, Elisabeth (Brigitte Roüan) and their two young children. One day, their young son Olivier vanishes without a trace. Unable to accept the loss of her favourite child, the mother, Elizabeth, redirects her anguish and guilt at everyone. Little by little the fragile family falls apart. Six years later Olivier suddenly appears again, now as a teenage boy living on the streets of Paris, but is he really their missing son?

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Life is never as innocent as it seems.

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Olivier, Olivier (1992) Movie Cast

François Cluzet as Serge DuvalFrançois Cluzet as Serge DuvalFrançois Cluzet as Serge Duval
Grégoire Colin as OlivierGrégoire Colin as OlivierGrégoire Colin as Olivier
Marina Golovine as NadineMarina Golovine as NadineMarina Golovine as Nadine
Brigitte Roüan as Elisabeth DuvalBrigitte Roüan as Elisabeth DuvalBrigitte Roüan as Elisabeth Duval
Frédéric Quiring as MarcelFrédéric Quiring as MarcelFrédéric Quiring as Marcel
Jean-François Stévenin as l'inspecteur DruotJean-François Stévenin as l'inspecteur DruotJean-François Stévenin as l'inspecteur Druot

Olivier, Olivier (1992) Movie Crew

Director - Agnieszka Holland
Writer - Agnieszka HollandWriter - Agnieszka HollandWriter - Agnieszka Holland
Music - Zbigniew PreisnerMusic - Zbigniew PreisnerMusic - Zbigniew Preisner