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    A few facts about Revenant’s Tom Hardy14:47 Jan 20 2016
    What a year it was for the English actor Tom Hardy. He is been all the over appearing in all kinds of movies, all Blockbusters. First with the action thriller Mad Max: Fury Road, which he played alongside Charlize Theron. Then he followed it up with the …read more
    The beautiful and multitalented Emily Browning18:11 Jan 22 2016
    When it comes to celebrity Australians in Hollywood, big names like Nicole Kidman, Rebel Wilson, and the Hemsworth brothers come to mind. But then we also have the beautiful, gorgeous, and multitalented Emily Browning.…read more
    When unparalleled beauty meets talent12:30 Mar 31 2016
    Charlize Theron was born 7th August in 1975 in South Africa. She is a South African and American actress, fashion model and a producer. Charlize has starred in many Hollywood films, like the Devil's Advocate in 1997, the Mighty Joe Young in 1998, The Cide…read more
    Tom Hardy finally opens on his failed marriage with Sarah Ward13:33 Jan 12 2016
    Many Edward Thomas mainly known as Tom Hardy is a British actor who born in England over 35 years ago. The actor has been one of the highly rated British actors especially after appearing in many British scenes. After his debut in acting in the year 2001,…read more
    It's time for Batman to say THANKS !!09:56 Nov 16 2017
    It's time for Batman to say THANKS !!…read more
    Brad Pitt's New Catch08:34 Oct 24 2017
    Brad Pitt,new love,Hollywood…read more
    Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Harassment Saga Takes Hollywood by Storm07:58 Oct 12 2017
    Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Saga Takes Hollywood by Storm…read more
    Does this mean an engagement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?12:46 Sep 28 2017
    The charming Prince Harry hasn't always been lucky in love. Two years ago in an interview, he was talking about how much he wanted to find a girl to share his royal life…read more
    5 Actors and Actresses who became beautiful after 4008:39 Sep 14 2017
    5 Actors and Actresses who became beautiful after 40…read more
    Onscreen Co-stars became off-screen hot Couples10:10 Sep 06 2017
    From co-stars to hot couples…read more


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