Friends reunion isn’t a 'Reunion' after all, and why we are still obsessed about it

15:23 01/20/2016 Marvin Marvin for movietube

Okay, let’s get this over with. It’s NOT a reunion, but a tribute to director James Burrows, who is clocking 1,000 episodes of directing TV shows. And this includes Friends. 

By the way, he directed only 15 episodes of Friends. Yap, that’s right, only 15 episodes; and this, was out of how many total episodes of Friends? 

Come on people; don’t blow things out of proportion. I mean, we all love Friends, and I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched it. It’s without a doubt that Friends is one of the best sitcoms ever. But let’s be mature about it. It’s about James Burrows. 

When February 21st comes, the cast of the most adorable group of friends we’ve loved (and still love) will be coming together to honor the veteran director James Burrows. And yes, they’ll also give speeches about the director. But this doesn’t mean that we should shift the attention from the main man. 

Some of us have even started pointing fingers towards Matthew Perry since he won’t be able to make it to the tribute. This is because he’ll be in London at the time, rehearsing for stage play The End of Longing. 

Ever since Friends came to a halt in 2004, the cast members of the show have never been seen together (onscreen) all at once, all six of them. And so this has denied the devoted fans the pleasure to see a “reunion.” 

That’s why everyone is lynching Mathew Perry for snubbing the tribute. The good thing though; at least he’ll be introducing the rest of Friends cast from London via video. I guess that’s going to be some sort of a reunion, don’t you think? 

This reunion thing has even perplexed David Schwimmer, who acted as Ross on the show. During an interview with US Weekly Magazine, Schwimmer noted that he has no idea what is expected of them and called the rumors as “completely inaccurate”.

I agree with him. Sincerely, what do we expect of the cast members? It’s nothing more than just a tribute to a veteran director. 

But then again, as an ardent fan myself, it would be great to see the entire six cast members all gathered in one place, and the event captured on screen. At least this will mitigate the hunger that we’ve had for more than 12 years now. 

Just seeing the six friends together will forever change things. That’s all. 

Personally, I believe that this obsession to see a “reunion” is due to the fact that we are not used to seeing the Friends cast members on our screens, apart from Jennifer Aniston, of course, who has actively been involved in various movies.  

We ask ourselves; where is Courteney Cox? What is Matt LeBlanc been up to? Is Lisa Kudrow as charming as she was? Why don’t we ever see David Schwimmer act anymore? And what about Mathew Perry? I think it’s the curiosity that is driving this obsession. 

If only they were as common on our TVs, especially now that TV series are as thriving than ever. Then we wouldn’t be too curious, neither would we be obsessed as we are with its theme tune.

Who doesn't love this song?....Enjoy it once more!